Professor Catherine Mills (Director and Undergraduate Coordinator)

Catherine Mills is Director of the Monash Bioethics Centre. Her current research focuses on ethical issues in human reproduction, especially from the perspective of how new reproductive technologies and practices impact on women. She teaches at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Professor Justin Oakley (Postgraduate Coordinator)

Justin Oakley is currently working on a project on policy applications of virtue ethics; and a project on religion, pluralism, and healthcare practice. Justin is also co-editor of the quarterly refereed journal Monash Bioethics Review, along with Michael Selgelid. He teaches at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr Lauren Notini (Research Officer)

Lauren Notini is a research officer on the project, 'Religion, pluralism and healthcare practice: a philosophical assessment' within the virtues and values research program. Her main research interests include empirical bioethics, clinical ethics, paediatric bioethics, the goals of medicine, transgender healthcare ethics, and the ethics of new healthcare technologies.

Dr Liz Sutton (Research Fellow)

Liz Sutton is a postdoctoral research fellow on the 'Using genomics to prevent mitochondrial disease' project within the Reproductive Biomedicine and Technologies research program. Her main interests are social and policy aspects of human reproduction and advanced care planning.

Dr Euzebiusz Jamrozik (Adjunct Research Fellow)

Euzebiusz (Zeb) Jamrozik currently works at the Ethox Centre and the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and the Humanities University of Oxford. He is an adjunct member of the Monash Bioethics Centre, and a clinical fellow of the University of Melbourne Medical School. His current projects include work on vaccination ethics, drug-resistant infection, and vector-borne disease.

Dr Peter Douglas (MBBS coordinator)

Peter Douglas holds a teaching intensive position within the Centre, coordinating and contributing to the teaching of the MBBS ethics program. He holds a PhD in philosophy.