Amy Silver

Amy Silver

Amy Silver

  • Year commenced 2016
  • Degree(s) Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts

In the middle of 2020, the Silver family was confronted with COVID-19 induced hardship, as the family catering business became crippled by the pandemic.

Despite this setback, a motivated Monash Law/Arts student saw beyond this adversity, reinventing her dad’s commercial kitchen into a cookie dough production line.

This idea became the company now known as Dough Co, founded by Amy Silver (Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts student), and her dad Mark Silver. The delicious ready-to-bake cookie dough is delivered directly to their customers’ doors or available in various Melbourne stockists.

Amy’s idea came to fruition through the “lockdown baking craze” that her family came to love. The ease of purchasing ready-to-bake products in lockdown and having fun with her family ignited the drive to start Dough Co.

The next six months saw Amy and Mark conducting various tasks including product development, setting up social media platforms, website construction, and working out logistics.

“We were able to launch in April 2021 and received very positive feedback about our cookies and exploded from then on,” Amy said.

“I’ve really enjoyed the learning aspect of starting a business. I am also involved with Monash Generator and their start-up sprint, which I’ve learnt from too.”

While it’s Amy and her dad who co-founded the company, the entire Silver clan are involved in some capacity.

“My mum Rhonda is the CFO and manages all the bookkeeping, whilst my brother Justin, who’s studying logistics, manages that component of the business,” Amy said.

“We have the perfect mix of skill sets within the family to be able to run a business.”

The involvement of all the family members in Dough Co has brought the family closer, from attending markets together to discussing the exciting future plans of the company.

Being a current student at Monash, studying a double degree of Law and Arts with a major in International Relations, Amy has to juggle work and university life as best she can.

“Dough Co has become very busy in a short amount of time and I have found it challenging to balance my work this year,” she said.

However, she has found that being busy has helped her to better manage her time and complete her university work in a much more productive manner.

Similarly, it has been important for Amy to find a balance between the Law and Arts units that make up her double degree.

Her Monash Arts degree has played an integral part in developing her business, from using her analytical skills, to being motivated in doing her own research and discovering answers for herself.

Most notably, her Arts degree has encouraged her to think outside the box and to go out and figure out the skills required to complete a task, which has translated into her current work with Dough Co.

Amy has a big vision for the future of Dough Co, with the aim to become the staple cookie dough brand across Australian supermarkets.

Find out more about Dough Co on their website.

Written by Journalism student intern Oscar Manning