The Faculty of Arts is committed to making a difference. We invite you to engage with our research resources and use them for reference purposes and as a source of high quality research evidence and data. We hope that they serve as inspiration to both our future and existing partners on ways we can work together.

Research reports

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from South Sudan

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from the Lake Chad Basin

Preventing Violent Extremism: Gender Perspectives and Women’s Roles

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices of the Rohingya

A Feminist Perspective on Post-Conflict Restructuring and Recovery: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Investigating Adolescent Family Violence in Victoria: Understanding Experiences and Practitioner Perspectives

Review of the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (CRAF)

Innovative legal responses to intimate partner homicide in the UK, USA and Canada

Women, disability and violence: Barriers to accessing justice

Mapping social cohesion: The Scanlon Foundation Surveys 2017

Australians today

Rohingya women in Malaysia: decision-making and information sharing in the course of irregular migration

Temporary Migration and Family Violence: An analysis of victimisation, vulnerability and support

Exploited and illegal: Unlawful migrant workers in Australia

State of evidence: Women and irregular migration. Migration displacement & briefing note series I. Oxfam-Monash Partnership

State of evidence: Migration, a positive driver for development. Migration displacement and briefing note series III. Oxfam-Monash Partnership

The role of transnational networks and mobile citizens in South Sudan’s global community: A pilot study focused on Melbourne and Juba

Policy and research briefs

Preventing Violent Extremism: Gender Perspectives and Women’s Roles

Empowering women for peaceful communities: Evidence from Indonesia and Bangladesh

Setting the Scene For Preventing Violent Extremism in South East and South Asia: A Way Forward for Women's Engagement in Indonesia and Bangladesh

Adolescent Rohingya Girls in Bangladesh: One Year One

Raising Their Voices: Adolescent Girls in South Sudan’s Protracted Crisis

Toward Inclusive Peace: Mapping Gender-Sensitive Peace Agreements 2000-2016

The Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda: ASEAN and the Region

Women, Peace and Security in Asia Pacific: Emerging Issues in National Action Plans for Women, Peace and Security

Gender and Family Violence Research briefs - Various topics

Information consumption and decision making of irregular migrants in Indonesia. Occasional Paper Series No. 19|2016. Department of Immigration and Border Protection Research Programme.

State of evidence: High Harm, High Volume Migration. Migration Displacement and Briefing Note Series II. Oxfam-Monash Partnership

Submissions to Senate and other committees

Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Legal and Constitutional Affairs: The Practice of Dowry and the Incidence of Dowry Abuse in Australia

Submission to the Senate Parliamentary inquiry into a better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence

Submission in response to the Tasmanian Government Department of Justice - Family Violence: Strengthening our Legal Responses Consultation Paper

Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee - Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill

Submission to the Government of South Australia in response to the Domestic Violence Discussion Paper July 2016

Submission to the Inquiry into the External Oversight of Police Corruption and Misconduct in Victoria

Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Modern Slavery Bill 2018

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Review Processes Associated with Visa Cancellations Made on Criminal Grounds

Monash School of Social Sciences, Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Legal & Constitutional Affairs The practice of dowry and the incidence of dowry abuse in Australia

Population, Migration and Social Inclusion Focus Program, Border Crossing Observatory & Gender Family Violence Focus Program Submission to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee on Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Requirements for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill 2017.

Border Crossing Observatory: Submission to NSW Legislative Council Select Committee on Human Trafficking

Monash School of Social Sciences Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration on migrant settlement outcomes_2017