A selection of publications stemming from our academics' research.

Speaking in Subtitles: Revaluing Screen Translation

Tessa Dwyer

South Vietnamese Soldiers: Memories of the Vietnam War and After

Nathalie Huynh & Chau Nguyen

Youth and Social Class: Enduring Inequality in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

Alan France & Steven Roberts

The Survey of Memphis X: Kom Rabia: The Blue-Painted Pottery

Colin A. Hope

Green Bans, Red Union: The Saving of a City

Meredith Burgmann & Verity Burgmann

A Powerful Influence on Australian Affairs: A New History of the AWU

Nick Dyrenfurth

Hunt Them, Hang Them: 'The Tasmanians' in Port Phillip 1841-42

Kate Auty & Lynette Russell

Thai in Vitro: Gender, Culture and Assisted Reproduction

Andrea Whittaker

Policing Non-Citizens

Leanne Weber

Racialized Correctional Governance: The Mutual Constructions of Race and Criminal Justice

Claire Spivakovsky

Cosmopolitanism: Uses of the Idea

Zlatko Skrbis & Ian Woodward

Hope in Health: The Socio-politics of Optimism

Alan Petersen

Women and Militant Wars: The Politics of Injury

Swati Parashar

Trouble Transit: Asylum Seekers Stuck in Indonesia

Antje Missbach

Sex Work: Labour, Mobility and Sexual Services

JaneMaree Maher, Sharon Pickering & Alison Gerard

Consuming Families: Buying, Making, Producing Family Life in the 21st Century

Jo Lindsay & JaneMaree Maher

Neojihadism: Towards a new Understanding of Terrorism and Extremism

Pete Lentini

Children and Global Conflict

Kim Huynh, Bina D'Costa & Katrina Lee-Koo

Anzac: The Unauthorised Biography

Carolyn Holbrook

Vanity: 21st Century Selves

Claire Tanner, JaneMaree Maher & Susanne Fraser

International Students and Crime

Helen Forbes-Mewett, Jude McCulloch & Chris Nyland

Contrasts in Punishment: An Explanation of Anglophone Excess and Nordic Excepionalism

John Pratt & Anna Eriksson

Migration in the Age of Genocide: Law, Forgiveness and Revenge

Alistair Davidson

Speaking Truths to Power: Policy Ethnography and Police Reform in Bosnia and Herzegivina

Jarrett Blaustein

Dreaming: A Conceptual Framework for Philosophy of Mind and Empirical Research

Jennifer Windt

Reframing Holocaust Testimony

Noah Shenker

Walter Benjamin's Concept of the Image

Alison Ross

Reinventing Philosophy of Religion: an Opinionated Introduction

Graham Oppy

Describing Gods: An Investigation of Divine Attributes

Graham Oppy

Running Out: Water in Western Australia

Ruth Morgan

Orthodoxy and Controversy in Twelfth-Century Religious Discourse: Peter Lombard's 'Sentences' and the Development of Theology

Clare Monagle

Lamaze: An International History

Paula Michaels

Diaspora at War: The Chinese of Singapore between Empire and Nation, 1937-1945

Ernest Koh

The Predictive Mind

Jakob Hohwy

The Philosopher King and the Pictish Nation

Julianna Grigg

The Huguenots of Paris and the Coming of Religious Freedom, 1685-1789

David Garrioch

Young Lions: How Jewish Authors Reinvented the American War Novel

Leah Garrett

Jewish Youth and Identity in Postwar France: Rebuilding Family and Nation

Daniella Doron

Lost Relations: Fortunes of my Family in Australia's Golden Age

Graeme Davison

The Company and the Shogun: The Dutch Encounter with Tokugawa Japan

Adam Clulow

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam

John Carroll

The Philosophy of Mary Astell: an Early Modern Theory of Virtue

Jacqueline Broad

Art's Philosophical Work

Andrew Benjamin

The House at Ujazdowskie 16: Jewish Families in Warsaw after the Holocaust

Karen Auerback

The Daeva Cult in the Gathas: An Ideological Archaeology of Zoroastrianism

Amir Ahmadi

Athletes, Sexual Assault and 'Trials by Media': Narrative Immunity

Deb Waterhouse-Watson

Transnational Australian Cinema: Ethics in the Asian Diasporas

Olivia Khoo, Belinda Smaill & Audrey Yue

Youth and Media

Andy Ruddock

Mise en Scène and Film Style: From Classical Hollywood to New Media Art

Adrian Martin

Embodiment and Mechanisation: Reciprocal Understandings of Body and Machine from the Renaissance to the Present

Daniel Black

Power Failure: The Inside Story of Climate Politics Under Rudd and Gillard

Philip Chubb

Endurance: Australian Stories of Drought

Deb Anderson

Das fremde Ich: Begegnungen im pazifisch-australischen Raum

Christiane Weller

Japanese Singers of Tales: Ten Centuries of Performed Narrative

Alison McQueen Tokita

Disability in Japan

Carolyn S. Stevens

Reframing Italy: New Trends in Italian Women’s Filmmaking (Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures)

Bernadette Luciano & Susanna Scarparo

Dancing with Disaster: Environmental Histories, Narratives, and Ethics for Perilous Times

Kate Rigby

Authorial Stance in Research Articles: Examples from Applied Linguistics and Educational Technology

Phuong Dzung Pho

The Dismissal Dossier: Everything you were never meant to know about November 1975

Jenny Hocking

The Cambridge Introduction to French Literature

Brian Nelson

The Construction of National Identity in Taiwan's Media, 1896-2012

Chien-Jung Hsu

Tracing a Tradition: The Translation of Australian Children’s Fiction into German from 1945

Leah Gerber

Die Entweltlichung der Bühne  Zur Mediologie des Theaters der klassischen Episteme

Franz-Josef Deiters

Texte über Bilder Zur Gegenwart der Renaissance

Axel Fliethmann


Lu Xun's Revolution Writing in a Time of Violence

Gloria Davies

The Organisational Dynamics of University Reform in Japan

Jeremy Breaden

Australia and Taiwan: Bilateral Relations, China, the United States, and the South Pacific

Joel Atkinson

Global Childhoods Issues and Debates

Kate Cregan & Denise Cuthbert

Resilient Borders and Cultural Diversity Internationalism, Brand Nationalism and Multiculturalism in Japan

Koichi Iwabuchi

Visiting the Neighbours: Australians in Asia

Agnieszka Sobocinska

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