Mariam Mohammad Rahim

Mariam Mohammad Rahim

Mariam Mohammad Rahim

  • Year commenced 2019
  • Degree(s) Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts

Born in Iran and of Afghani descent, international student Mariam Mohammad Rahim always dreamt of studying at Monash University. This year, Mariam’s dreams became a reality when she commenced her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. Having completed her Diploma of Science at Monash College in 2019, she is now in the second year of her double degree.

We caught up with Mariam to talk about how combining academic interests through a double degree multiplies your professional skill set and opens you up to a range of future career opportunities.

Why did you choose to study a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts with Monash University?

When I moved to Australia and started high school, it was always a dream to study at Monash University. I am so pleased that my dream became a reality. I chose Science to study medicine in the future and my Arts degree has opened up so many opportunities as well.

What are the benefits of studying a Bachelor of Arts?

My Arts degree has helped me to think creatively, analyse effectively and build the cross-cultural communication skills necessary to work in today’s modern society. It also taught me to develop my critical judgement to respond to social, cultural and political issues.

How does your Bachelor of Arts complement your Bachelor of Science studies?

My Arts degree complements my understanding of science with invaluable skills like critical thinking and strong communication. It has also opened up a world of exciting career options once I graduate.

What is a piece of advice you live by?

Since I was very young, I was taught that if you do not want something badly, you will not fight for it hard enough. If you are determined and resilient you have the ability to do anything.