Srishti Bali

Srishti Bali

Srishti Bali

  • Year commenced 2017
  • Degree(s) Bachelor of Arts
  • Major(s) Politics

Monash student Srishti Bali credits her Bachelor of Arts for giving her the skills and confidence to enter the workforce.

During her degree, Srishti tackled interesting assessments through her public policy subjects, including writing briefs and research reports. These practical and hands-on learning experiences enabled Srishti to develop her critical thinking and communication skills.

Here, Srishti shares why she chose to study at Monash, why studying Arts is so important and offers her advice to current and future students.

What motivated you to study the Bachelor of Arts at Monash?

I chose to study Arts at Monash because I wanted to further develop my writing and critical thinking skills.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I really liked how practical the units were. In my politics major, I did a range of public policy units that made me understand how to craft research reports and prepare policy briefs.

What are the benefits of studying an Arts degree?

Something I didn’t quite notice until the end of my degree was how much I’d actually learnt in an academic setting that I could apply to a professional setting. I was able to pick up the fact that I was thinking beyond the box compared to those who haven’t had the experience of studying an Arts or Humanities based degree. I was able to pick apart key issues and look at the gaps in research and policies.

What advice can you give to students currently studying the Bachelor of Arts or planning to study the Bachelor of Arts?

Hone into your critical thinking skills because that’s what the degree is about. Don’t always blindly agree with what an academic has to say about a certain issue because there’ll be another academic that’ll counter it.

What do you plan to do next?

I’m excited to start my Juris Doctor next year as I want to pursue a career in government law. Studying Arts has helped shape my future aspirations.