Proposed thesis / Dissertation

Prospective Master’s by research and PhD candidates are required to submit a research proposal with their application.

In order to assess your proposal and identify a suitable supervisory team, the Faculty of Arts would like you to submit a research proposal of three or more pages in length addressing as many of the questions listed below as possible.

Candidates need to include key topic area and main research questions by using the following headings as a guide.

Description of proposed project:

  • Project title
  • Research topic summary (three or four sentences that encapsulate the project)
  • Project description (describe the proposed project including relevant theoretical contexts)
  • Rationale for project (what motivated your interest in this particular area?)
  • Main research questions (list 3-4 questions that underpin your investigation or research topic)
  • Methodology (describe your proposed research methods, eg ethnography, textual analysis, interviewing etc)
  • Outcomes of this research and its contribution to knowledge (how is your research filling gaps in the field and revising existing understandings etc?)
  • Bibliography

Additional requirements for students applying for Music Performance and Music Composition:

  1. Applicants for Music Performance must submit a recording of a performance they have given with their EOI. The recording should be no less than 10 minutes and no more than 45 minutes in duration, and the applicant’s contribution to the piece should be declared at the very beginning of the recording.
  2. Applicants for Music Composition must submit a folio of works and recording, both notated and studio-based compositions should be included. The applicant’s contribution should be declared at the start of the folio.