Creating a nexus at Monash for a stronger Korean Studies

Creating a nexus at Monash for a stronger Korean Studies

The Korean Studies program at Monash University has been awarded a 5-year Core University Grant of up to $1 million (875 million Korean won) by the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS), Korean Studies Promotion Service (KSPS) a division of the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea.

The title of the project is ‘Creating a Nexus at Monash for a Stronger Korean Studies in Melbourne and the Metropolitan Region’ and it will fund Korean Studies at Monash over five years (2017-22), and the research of Monash University Korean Studies staff for a further two years. There are four strands to the application: research development, educational expansion, student support and vocational training. The overall aim of the project is to

  • support high level research on Korea and Korean related areas
  • increase student numbers at both graduate and undergraduate level
  • improve the learning experience and employability of our students
  • foster greater interest in Korean Studies at Monash and in the Melbourne area

Monash University Korean Studies has allocated the majority of the grant funds to student support in the form of PhD and postdoctoral positions, as well as student grants. The remaining funds will be used for the development of a Korean Studies research hub, the creation of new content units in an expanded Korean Studies programme, the establishment of closer links with South Korean businesses in the area, and the development of closer Korean studies research networks among institutions in the Melbourne metropolitan region.

The team consists of project manager Andy Jackson, deputy project manager Lucien Brown, team members: Josie Sohn, Gil-soo Han, Jung-sim Kim, Jaekyung Roh, Hyesun Ko, Adam Zulawnik. The financial plan for the project was put together by Vanja Radojevic and Stef Johnstone.

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