Monash T&I researchers conduct nationwide survey about professional development

The Translation and Interpreting Studies Programme at Monash University was commissioned by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) to identify current gaps in professional development (PD) opportunities for translation and interpreting (T&I) practitioners in Australia.

The team conducted a nationwide survey between October-December 2019 investigating:

  • practitioners’ current engagement in PD;
  • the factors that guide practitioners when selecting PD activities;
  • their satisfaction levels with existing PD opportunities; the barriers to PD participation,
  • their opinions on how PD offerings could be improved.

The results have been published in a report: Identifying Gaps in Professional Development Opportunities for Translators and Interpreters in Australia, providing nine key recommendations to NAATI and PD providers.

The report highlights positive views about current PD offerings, but also identifies several areas of concern regarding the cost, content, accessibility and quality of PD. The recommendations are proposed to achieve more inclusive, needs-based PD provision, encouraging proactive engagement by practitioners and thereby improving the overall quality of T&I services in Australia.