Monash Arts’ Global Immersion Guarantee wins IEAA Excellence Award for Best Practice in International Education

Monash Arts’ ground-breaking Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) has been recognised with an IEAA Excellence Award for Best Practice in International Education.

IEAA’s annual excellence awards recognise outstanding contributions to Australia’s international education sector – the nation’s fourth largest export and the world’s third most popular study destination for international students.

The Global Immersion Guarantee is a funded overseas study program that empowers first year Monash Arts students to engage in immersive learning experiences across China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia or Italy. Established on a foundation of inclusivity and diversity, GIG removes mobility barriers and paves the way for more Australian-educated graduates to enter the workforce with a deep understanding of global challenges and the skills needed to strengthen engagement and succeed globally.

In recognition of its success and impact, the program has recently expanded to become available to all incoming first year single and double degree Monash Arts students.

“Covering six international destinations, the Global Immersion Guarantee supercharges Monash Arts’ students’ intercultural competency by facilitating transformative international education opportunities and hands-on experiences with local leaders,” said Professor Sharon Pickering, Dean of Arts.

“This prestigious award reflects both the immense value of the Global Immersion Guarantee and Monash Arts’ status as a leader in international education.”

“GIG has amplified Monash University’s global presences in key locations, fostered engagement and facilitated mobility through multifaceted partnerships with businesses, non-profits, and universities,” said Dr Bodean Hedwards, Manager of the Global Immersion Guarantee.

“As we celebrate this recognition, we also extend our thanks to the organisations and individuals that have helped us ensure that all students can access this transformational program, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade who provided invaluable support through the New Colombo Plan to our GIG program in India and Indonesia.”

“Over 1 in 50 people in Australia is an international student,” said IEAA CEO, Hon. Phil Honeywood. “As such, international education has played and will continue to play a critical role in enhancing Australia’s cultural diversity, international connections and economic prosperity.”

“These initiatives which we celebrate today present new ways of working in a very different environment,” said Ms. Janelle Chapman, President of IEAA. “They will ensure that we continue to be a top study destination in the minds of international students and in equal measure, ensure Australian students have access to life changing global experiences.”

The Global Immersion Guarantee is helmed by Professor Sharon Pickering, Dean of Arts; Dr Cecilia Hewlett, Associate Dean International; Dr Bodean Hedwards, Manager, Global Immersion Guarantee; and Associate Professor Sarah McDonald, Deputy Dean Education.

For further information on Monash Arts’ Global Immersion Guarantee, click here.