Student Shrishti Dokwal reveals how you can kill it in communications

In a world where consumers are more connected, tech-savvy and discerning than ever before, it’s imperative for communications professionals to elevate their message beyond pretty words and images. To cut through the noise, strategy is everything.Portrait of Shristhi Dokwal

Shrishti Dokwal, first-year Master of Strategic Communications Management student, reveals why she’s chosen to jump into the fast-paced world of communications, and how her studies are preparing her for a dynamic and diverse career in a fascinating industry.

Why did you decide to apply for the Master of Strategic Communications Management at Monash?
Just by reading the course outline, I knew that there’d never be a dull moment. I was immediately drawn to the subjects on offer, especially ‘Strategic Communications in a Digital Era’ and ‘Engaging Audiences’. These courses show that Monash is moving with the times, devising contemporary and practical courses that fit in with what is happening in the world around us.

What were you doing before you came to Monash?
I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration specialising in Marketing in India. Between finishing my degree and coming here, I worked at Forbes Magazine as a Marketing Consultant. I had to communicate strategically in areas ranging from political and corporate communications, to social justice and local issues – my role really did cover all areas. Both this course and my role at Forbes taught me that I don’t have to stick to one area of expertise.

Would you say this course focuses on a range of contemporary as well as more traditional media?
It has a great mix of contemporary communication styles as well as traditional mediums such as print and PR. I now understand strategy around traditional communications, but also how to tackle emerging barriers in the digital communications space, how to make the most of new platforms, and how to have a reactive mindset in this fast-paced world. The Master of Strategic Communications Management keeps up with industry changes, which makes every day so interesting. I love learning about current trends, and new ways of communicating.

This course uses examples of what’s happening in the world and industries around you, so in order to be more well-rounded and really excel you have to take in everything that’s happening around you. I have naturally become a better strategic planner and writer based on what this course has taught me. Now I can’t help but analyse everything! This is one of the most practical courses I have ever done.

On CampusWhere do you see yourself when once you have completed your studies?
I hope to work in brand marketing and communications, but I don’t want to follow the industry norms of shaming and bullying audiences into buying certain products or believing in predetermined ideals. I want to show respect to my readers by having a great strategy and by listening to their needs. I want to get my messages out there, yes, but in an ethical and positive way. I don’t want to be sneaky. I want to impact people and make change in a positive way.

What advice would you give to future students who are considering Monash?
Monash has so much going on all the time. Sign up for everything! Go to every work shop. Enjoy the events during orientation, meet other students, join clubs and societies - get a grasp of the whole student life. It may seem overwhelming at first, but force yourself to get involved. I have been to almost every workshop offered alongside of this course and I don’t regret it at all. Being a part of campus life introduced me to the whole Monash culture, and meant that I could meet new people outside of my studies. I feel like I really am a part of the Monash family.

How have you managed to fit all of this in while also keeping up with your studies?
Time management is key, so you can prioritise your interests while maintaining your academic goals. Plan ahead as much as you can. Get the research component of your assignment done, and reward yourself by going to a meet up before you finish the rest. I also invested in two calendars! I have my Monash social/workshops calendar and my academic calendar, which helps me schedule my time. The extra workshops underpin my studies, so I am able incorporate this new information into my assignments.

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