Urban river corridor management

The Yarra River is a highly valued natural asset that helps to define Melbourne’s liveability and provides a variety of cultural, environmental, social and economic benefits to Victoria. The Yarra River traverses a variety of urban, semi-rural, rural and pristine wilderness landscapes and flows through 11 local government municipalities.

In an effort to ensure the long-term protection of this State asset, the Labor Government is fulfilling its election commitment to introduce a Yarra River Protection Bill to guard the Yarra River from inappropriate development and to establish a dedicated trust to promote the Yarra River’s amenity and significance. In addition, the Government has also made commitments to improve the health of waterways, catchments and riparian environments, which includes the Yarra River and its catchment.

This research project, designed to support the Yarra River Protection Ministerial Advisory Committee’s decision-making process, examines the governance structures, purpose, role and approaches undertaken by single management entities that lead, coordinate and/or drive multi-agency protection and management of urban river corridors. This assessment will give consideration to whether single entities are more effective in relation to the protection of river values or the provision of services amongst other requirements.

Findings from this research project will directly contribute towards ongoing policy and management decision-making within Victorian urban water management, whilst also adding to a nascent body of international scholarship regarding multi-level urban water governance. Key research insights will be communicated to the Ministerial Advisory Committee.

Chief Investigator Dr Megan Farrelly

Funder Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Date of Award 2016