Youth homelessness research study

Homelessness, especially youth homelessness, is a national priority.

Funded by City of Boroondara and Committee for Echuca Moama, this research programme is aimed at developing our knowledge, but also better addressing, the issue of homelessness in Victoria.

The research conducted for Boroondara City Council investigated the experience and prevalence of youth homelessness as well as the scope of service provision in this relatively affluent inner city district.  This project drew on local numerical datasets as well as interviews with over three dozen stakeholders – such as specialist homelessness service providers, local school staff coordinators, council staff, young people experiencing housing insecurity and members of the public – to compile a current ‘state of the issue’ in the city.

In contrast, Monash academics conducted a review of homelessness in rural Victoria, in the intersecting locales of Echuca and Moama on the Victoria/ NSW border. Monash academics are supporting the Committee for Echuca Moama to implement one of their key strategies: to combat Echuca Moama’s homelessness. The research approach of this project was focussed on stakeholder knowledge, pooling community resources and collected data, and facilitating more co-ordinated approaches to data collection

The study recommend ways for local stakeholders to better collaborate through enhanced data gathering/sharing practices. It impacted service provision through proposed initiatives that take into account the transient nature of homelessness and helped to better equip stakeholders to advocate for the needs of local homeless populations to State and Federal governments.

Studies conducted in these two regions demonstrate Monash University’s capacity to support Council authorities in dealing with issues of homelessness. By enhancing understanding of the size and complexity of the issue, Monash academics aim to promote a step change and produce ‘real world’ impact.

Chief Investigators Dr Steven RobertsAssociate Professor Dharma Arunachalam

Funder City of Boroondara and Committee for Echuca Moama

Date of Award 2016