Borders, Labour and Mobility: The EU and Australia Compared

The Project on Comparative Migration (PROCAM) hosted by Monash University, Australia, analyses the implications of intra- and extra-EU migration in the context of the post-Brexit EU. Australian policy makers have a particular interest in the future development of the EU Single Market and its labour markets after the UK’s exit from the EU.  This conference aims to address contemporary issues in labour mobility and immigration policy in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe as per conference themes below.

Key Conference Themes

  • Labour mobility and immigration policy (special areas of interest: Asia-Pacific region and Europe)
  • Climate change and refugees (as part of Development and migration theme)
  • Comparative Australia-EU migration policy
  • EU candidate countries and migration
  • The ‘Brexit effect’ on labour migration
  • The COVID impact on labour migration, and
  • Global migration impacts of the Ukraine war

Conference Details 

Registration and Programme

Platform: The conference will be a hybrid event with papers delivered face to face and online via Zoom.

Date and time: 25 - 26 August 2022, 9am – 5pm AEST

Location: Monash Conference Centre, Level 7, 30 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

The conference organisers aim to produce a Policy Brief and an Edited Volume of best selected papers with a major academic publisher.

Contact the Conference Coordinator Jessica Quirk for additional details at