Welcome to The Neurosocieties Group

The Neurosocieties Group is an interdisciplinary collective of social scientists and neuroscientists with an interest in the cultural, ethical and regulatory dimensions of all things ‘neuro’.  Specifically, group members engage in critical inquiry of novel neurotechnologies, the social implications of the rising prestige of the neurosciences, the lived experience of persons with neurological illnesses, and philosophical debates on the nature of brain, mind and perception. Members are actively exploring the possibilities for meaningful collaborations between the social sciences, humanities and the neurosciences with a view to both theoretical and applied outcomes.

The Neurosocieties group includes academics from sociology, anthropology, criminology, linguistics, film and media studies, the neurosciences, and neuroethics. So far members have been involved in research on social and cognitive neuroscience, neurodegeneration, brain training and rehabilitation, addiction neuroethics, the relationship between neuroscience and film, ethnographic research within deep brain stimulation services, complex systems modelling, and with people with chronic neurological conditions and their carers.

The group meets regularly a month to discuss members’ ongoing research with the aim of gaining feedback on current projects, identifying research synergies, and working towards the development of future projects. The group  also organises workshops and symposiums, such as the recent, inaugural ‘Neurosocieties Symposium: The Brain, Ethics, and Culture’.  (See events tab).

The Neurosocieties Group is supported by the Faculty of Arts Health and Biofutures Focus Programme.

New members from any disciplinary background are always welcome.


John Gardner

‘Neuroperson’ image by Paul Mason