Neurosocieties Events

Neurosocieties Symposium
The Brain, Culture & Ethics

25 August, 2017, Monash Club, Monash University

This introductory event was the first of what we hope will be many ‘neuroscience and culture’ events organised by The Neurosocieties Group at Monash.

It included a series of keynote presentations and roundtables to stimulate discussion on the cultural and ethical dimensions of neuroscience research, & to provide networking opportunities to facilitate future research projects and collaborations. Chaired by Professor Lenore Manderson (University of the Witwatersrand, Brown University). Keynote speakers included: Rozanna Lilley, Cynthia Forlini, and Greg Downey.

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Psychedelic Entanglements: An interdisciplinary exploration of psychedelics, science & drug-use

Friday 22nd June 2018 – A Neurosocieties Group Symposium,

Psychedelics – usually associated with 1960s countercultures – are making a comeback. The possibility that psychedelics may offer new, much needed treatments for mood disorders and addiction has prompted a surge in scientific research and clinical trials. This symposium investigated the historical, philosophical and social dimensions of this renewed interest in psychedelic drugs. The event explored histories of research into psychedelics, and insights into consciousness that are emerging in contemporary research. Speakers also explored the philosophical issues raised by mystical experiences in psychedelic therapies, and the perspectives of contemporary recreational drug consumers.

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