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Applications for the Validator are now open!

Applications for the first Validator program of the year are now open!

Hot Tips On How Start Up This Summer

Monash University news

Whether you’ve just finished exams, are in between contract positions, or are taking time off over the break, you may feel a new speed to everyday life that can be hard to adjust to if you are used to the grind.

The summer break is a great time to make the most of this newfound energy and direct it towards turning that idea you’ve had in your head for months, into action.

How to Concentrate & Conquer Exams

In a world full of distractions, it can be really difficult to concentrate when studying and we’re here to help you push through the next few weeks so you can conquer your exams.

There's Something About Jeffrey

With 10,000 users and 750,000 messages in just over 5 weeks, it’s clear – There’s Something About [Jeffrey].

Jeffrey is one of the Accelerator teams this year. They originally entered at Mercury Enabled, an automated delivery management solution, and left as Jeffrey, a super successful Facebook chatbot for university students that went viral on Monash StalkerSpace upon launching.

Monash University news

2020 Generator Ambassador Applications Now Open!

If you’re passionate about innovation or startups and want to amplify your entrepreneurial experience at Monash, this is the program for you.

Applications close Sunday 20th October, so don't miss out!

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