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Hypnosis Isn't All Hocus Pocus

With over 2 million Australians suffering from anxiety each year, chances are you, or someone that is close to you have encountered this mental health condition.

In fact, many people don’t actually realise that they’re living with or have experienced an anxiety disorder at all. With feelings of worry, nervousness and fear, anxiety can be as elusive as it can be destructive.

And for many, anxiety is just the beginning. Long-term exposure to anxiety can significantly increase the risk of developing further chronic mental and physical health conditions - from depression, to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), through to the increased risk of illness and infection.


Building Independence For People With Disability

Monash University news

With 36% of Australian households including at least one person with disability, the effects of living with disability reaches further than you might think. Of the people living with disability, on average 50% of them require regular therapy which is vital to maximise their quality of life and build their independence. This presents a challenge - therapy is expensive, and government funding is limited. Which means that a lot of the load falls onto the families of these individuals.


Refer a Startup. Make $250.

With The Generator Accelerator applications now open, we’ve been searching high and low for Australia’s most promising up and coming startups to apply to our flagship program.

In fact, we’re even offering a $250 finders fee to anyone who refers a startup that makes it into our 2019 Accelerator program.


2019 Monash Entrepreneurs Club AGM

The Monash Entrepreneurs Club (MEC) are hosting their Annual General Meeting on Wed 27th March!!

So if you’re a student entrepreneur that wants to get more involved, this is your chance…

Monash University news

2019 Accelerator Applications Are Now Open!

If you’re a founder working on an idea, startup or social enterprise, here’s an incredible opportunity for you… Applications to the Generator 2019 Accelerator program are now open! With $10k-20k equity-free seed funding to scale your startup, three months of mentoring from some of the best startup founders in Australia, and full time access to our co-working space, you’ll get what you need to take your startup to the next level.

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