Lessons from the Startup Masters

Wondering what it takes to be an incredible founder?

Well, the best founders we see continually grow as individuals. Which requires a combination of self awareness, dedication to improve, and right people and resources to learn from. Not to mention the elbow grease required to put their knowledge to test in the real world.


What Would the Generator Do: This Summer

With summer fast approaching, many of you will be figuring out what to do with your break. If you’re a Founder or a student, you’d likely be quick to jump to the answer - “What summer break? I’ll be working”.


Imposter Syndrome : Part 2

Last week we explored what imposter syndrome is, and how it can be crippling to those who experience it. From students to billion dollar startup CEOs, imposter syndrome takes no prisoners. This week let’s look at why we experience it, and how to work through it.


Procrastination : The Enemy of Achievement

Yesterday marked the first day, of the first week of the Monash Semester two exam period. In an ideal world, the exam period would be stress free because students were on top of their studies and prepped for their exams. For most students, this isn’t the reality. Because life is full of challenges and distractions competing for your time and attention.


Imposter Syndrome : Part 1

If we had a pound for every time we’ve seen founders feel inadequate and think they don’t have what it takes to become incredible, we’d shift the Australian economy right back to the British currency. The thing is, most of the time all of the evidence points to the fact that these individuals are intelligent, high potential and are capable of going through the process of growing into incredible founders.

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