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Make Money Ending Climate Change

CUSTODIAN, one of our 2019 Generator Accelerator startups, is relentlessly driven to help the world hit the net-zero goal by pushing the world towards 100% renewable energy.

And they’re not just doing this by holding up a picket in a protest, they’re putting their founder foot forward and turning renewable energy into an attractive and accessible investment opportunity for everyone.

By leveraging a micro-investment model, Custodian allows you to invest as little as $1/day into 100% renewable energy, and the fund returns 6% per annum. Which makes Custodian a no-brainer for any investor, environmentally aware, or otherwise.


Meet the 2019 Accelerator Cohort

Monash University news

We are excited to welcome our 2019 cohort of startups into the Accelerator Program run by the Generator – Monash University’s central startup hub!



Did you know that 72% of entrepreneurs self-report mental health concerns?

At The Generator, we’re not surprised by these stats, because we’ve supported our own fair share of startups struggling with mental health challenges - resulting in co-founder breakups, to burnout.

So why is it that startup founders are so prone to mental health concerns, or even mental illness?

Based on an extensive study of 242 entrepreneurs carried out by Michael Freeman, entrepreneurs are significantly more likely to report a lifetime history of mental health conditions than non-entrepreneurs.


How We Select Our Accelerator Startups

With 154 applications to the 2019 Generator Accelerator, and only twelve teams accepted, there are a bunch of founders hoping for some high value feedback on why they didn’t make the cut.

As core believers in feedback being at the heart of personal and startup growth, we totally get it.

To help shed some light on why we select the teams we do, read this article to find out more about the principles we select our startups by.

Monash University news


Hey you, stop procrastinating. *Rolls eyes*. Easier said than done, we know.

Older (seriously, so old) and wiser, we are here to shed some light on how you can overcome that debilitating feeling when you procrastinate. Read on for 5 things we’ve learnt whilst studying and in our careers.

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