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New Beginnings for A-Space

A-Space is a meditation studio with a difference.

Born in Collingwood, the hipster heart of Melbourne, A-Space is focused on making meditation accessible by teaching traditional methods of meditation, in a modern setting.

A-Space makes the experience more akin to attending a yoga class, than to wrapping yourself in robes, shaving your head and sitting on a hill in silence [which also sounds pretty great].


Launch Into 2019

Monash University news

Happy [slightly belated] New Year Generator family! πŸŽ‰

We don’t know about you, but 2019 is feeling pretty damned good.

There’s nothing like having a few weeks respite over the summer break to reflect on 2018 and regain clarity on what is, and isn’t important to us in life and work [if you’ve managed to separate the two].


Why Students Should Get Into Startups

Adzuna, a global job search engine, published in 2017 that the ratio of Victorian university grads to grad specific jobs is 22:1.

This means the university graduate job market is hyper competitive. And there’s a high chance that relying solely on your university degree to land your dream grad job won’t be enough.


Zenboard (Gen '18) is Launching a Kickstarter

Sign up to Zenboard’s mailing list today to go in the running to WIN A ZENBOARD VALUED AT AU$2499.

Monash University news

Lessons from the Startup Masters

Wondering what it takes to be an incredible founder?

Well, the best founders we see continually grow as individuals. Which requires a combination of self awareness, dedication to improve, and right people and resources to learn from. Not to mention the elbow grease required to put their knowledge to test in the real world.

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