What Would the Generator Do: This Summer

With summer fast approaching, many of you will be figuring out what to do with your break.

If you’re a Founder or a student, you’d likely be quick to jump to the answer - “What summer break? I’ll be working”.

This is a great decision for many reasons:

  1. If  you’re a Founder, it will help you - maintain momentum for your startup;
  2. If you’re a student, it will help you avoid having to live on a 100% Mi Goreng packet noodle diet.

The thing is, for us to survive in this fast paced and high pressure world, we need to start designing our lives to consider our well being, our personal growth and our personal fulfilment.

Always remembering - it’s about working smart, not hard.

So if you can swing some time off this summer to do a little good for yourself (and maybe the world), here are a few ideas on how to use it:


The best hack for motivation in this life is working on things you really care about. Whether you’re a founder, a student or a corporate lawyer, this concept still applies.

And we know that finding our purpose in life can be super tough. So here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Take the Venn approach:
  2. Turn the Venn diagram into questions, and answer them - e.g. what do I love/care about in this world? what did I want to do when I was young? what can I learn? If I had $1bn to help the world, where would I spend it?
  3. Do your research - expose yourself to as many topics as possible and see if anything resonates with you.
  4. Make it a practice - every day start with a blank canvas, do steps 1, 2 and 3, and add the answers to the venn diagram.
  5. Do a personality test - 16 personalities is a 100% free test.
  6. Treat purpose as a moving target - your interests, priorities and skills will change, so think of your ‘purpose’ in terms of now or near future.


Summer, the season of sunshine is the perfect time of the year to start forming new and wholesome habits.

Whether you want to feel more healthy, happy or just do more things you love, it all starts with rethinking your priorities and making a routine out of it.

Here are a few tips to get you started

  1. Choose your habits - think about what you want to prioritise in your life (e.g. exercise, diet, meditation, learning, reading). Choose 1 or 2 to start.
  2. Make it manageable - you’re better off doing five minutes of meditation or 15 minutes of exercise, than none at all. So start small and build.
  3. Make it repeatable - choose a time of day that doesn't eat into your schedule, and works most days. If you have to, wake up earlier.
  4. Bundle it - bundle your new habits with your existing ones. (E.g. do your habits before you brush your teeth or have breakfast.)
  5. Make it desirable - combining something you love, with a new habit can help. (E.g. only listen to your favourite podcast when you go to the gym)
  6. Learn from the pros - The Power of Habit is a book that will help, heaps.


What better way to feel fulfilled than to learn something you’re interested in, or will add to your success and wellbeing?

Whether you’ve got three minutes, or three months, there’s a plethora of incredible and free courses and content that will meet your needs.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

  1. Go to Y Combinator’s startup school (10 week course)
  2. Learn to Code with CodeAcademy
  3. Learn about Artificial Intelligence from Andreessen Horrowitz
  4. Learn to be more Mindful
  5. Learn how to build a website
  6. Learn why you should work at a startup
  7. Learn how to build your personal brand
  8. Learn Human Centred Design


Giving back to humanity and helping people is a real win-win situation. It helps the world become a better place ✔️, and it makes you feel great about yourself ✔️. So why wouldn’t you?

Not to mention it looks great on the CV...

If helping the world resonates with you, here are a few places to start looking:

  1. Find a volunteering gig
  2. Do some English tutoring for people seeing Asylum
  3. Help to rescue, cook for and feed those in need
  4. Help disadvantaged kids get the most out of their education
  5. Let someone else find the right volunteering gig for you


There’s little in this life that’s more fulfilling that starting your own startup. And it’s really not that hard to get started.

If you want to know how, read this article...