Meet the 2019 Accelerator Cohort

We are excited to welcome our 2019 cohort of startups into the Accelerator Program run by the Generator – Monash University’s central startup hub.

This year, 11 teams have been selected from over 150 applications, and represent the diversity of innovations and game-changing ideas emerging from the Monash community. The teams are made up of 20 Founders represented by current students, PhD researchers, and Alumni of Monash. From Internet of Things enabled devices to 3D printed knee braces and renewable energy micro-investment, each startup was selected for their commitment to creating change in the world.

The first week kicked off with a two-day induction focussed on developing good habits to help them navigate the complex path of solving problems in a commercial way. As part of the 2019 program, all Founders are also supported by a Wellbeing Coach, a recognition of the need to have a healthy mind and body to be able to start a startup.

The Accelerator Program will run over three months where Founders will work on building their startup to become sustainable and viable businesses. They are supported by experienced mentors, other Founders, and experts in business.

Without further adieu, meet the 2019 Generator Accelerator Cohort:


Live data tracking of high end deliveries.

Founders | (Faculty Affiliation)
Michael Strauss | (Undergrad - BusEco, Engineering)
Kenwa Seong | (Undergrad - BusEco, Engineering)
Darren Flaks | (Undergrad - BusEco, Engineering)


Data driven apartment layouts for property developers.

Founders | (Faculty Affiliation)
Jay Stanic | (Undergrad - Computer Science)
Antoine Genesi | (Undergrad - Engineering)


Virtual psychology and wellbeing consultations.

Founder | (Faculty Affiliation)
Tegan McKay | (Alumni - Medicine, Nursing & Health Science)


Matching tertiary students with volunteering opportunities.

Founders | (Faculty Affiliation)
Will Zhong | (Alumni - Arts, Law)
Anna Dai
Aman Gupta


Enabling everyone to micro-invest in renewables.

Founder | (Faculty Affiliation)
Michael Koopman | (Undergrad - Science)


Connecting women with size inclusive brands.

Founder | (Faculty Affiliation)
Claire Bristow | (PhD - Education)


E-learning platform for high school students.

Founders | (Faculty Affiliation)
Manoj Liyana Arachige | (Undergrad - Medicine, Nursing & Health Science)
Jack Li


Customised 3D printed knee braces.

Founder | (Faculty Affiliation)
Abirami Babu | (PhD - Engineering)


Optimising task allocation within law firms.

Founder | (Faculty Affiliation)
Madhawa Mapa | (Alumni - BusEco, Law)


Au pairs from developing countries.

Founders | (Faculty Affiliation)
Alyssa Kilic | (Postgrad - Arts)
Cristina Emmanuel


Get paid by researchers for your wearable data.

Founders | (Faculty Affiliation)
Chris Kearney | (Alumni - Arts, BusEco)
Prasanna Venkataraman | (PhD - Medicine, Nursing & Health Science)