Uni life can be complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash. The weeks listed here represent the twelve teaching weeks of semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics to see important deadlines to help you manage your studies each week. 


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Peer mentoring

As a first-year student, you have the opportunity to connect with a peer mentor from the Peer Mentoring program and will be supported by your mentoring group as you settle into University life!

Your peer mentors will be senior students from your faculty who can help you make the most of your first year. It’s a great way to meet other students, and make sure you have everything you need to get started at Monash!

How it works

Before the start of your first semester, we’ll match you with two peer mentors and a mentoring group with other first-year students from your faculty. You’ll have a chance to meet with your mentors and mentoring group for four main catch ups throughout the semester:

  • Welcome and connect
  • You and your University
  • You and your study success
  • You and your assessments

Your mentors will also check in with you throughout the semester to see how you're going, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet with your group outside of these catch ups!

How to get involved

You’ll soon receive an email from us to welcome you into the program. To help us match you with your mentoring group, tell us a bit about yourself by completing your mentoring profile.

Once you’ve been matched with your group, your mentors will get in touch and organise your first catch up!

Find out more

Learn more about peer mentoring for your school or faculty.