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Support services

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As a student at Monash, you have access to a wide range of free support services.

From mental health, counselling and medical to services to help to ease financial strain, you'll find the support you need right here on campus.

Start here on our student support website, to find how we can help support you throughout your studies. You may know someone who may benefit from this information, so feel free to share!

Diversity, inclusion and equality

Here at Monash University, we're committed to social justice, human rights and inclusion for all, including support for Indigenous Australians and members of the LGBTIQA+ community. On our website, you 'll find programs and services to support and educate the Monash community.

As part of our commitment to a safe and supportive learning environment for everyone, all students and staff are required to complete the Respect at Monash module.

Ally network (LGBTIQA+)

Our trained network of allies supports students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender diverse, intersex, queer and questioning, asexual and aromantic, plus other related identities (LGBTIQA+).

For support, information or referral, see the Ally Network at Monash.

Indigenous students

The William Cooper Institute provides support services to Indigenous students, including academic support programs.

For more information, see Indigenous students at Monash.

Student academic success

Learning advisers can help you get on track with your learning and stay on track to boost your grades. They offer individual support to help you meet academic expectations and help you succeed in your studies at Monash.

They can help you improve your academic skills – from writing and English language to preparing for assessments and presentations and managing your study.

They've got a range of online support resources and workshops. They also offer twenty-five-minute consultations where you can outline any study-related issues you're experiencing and get some help with them.

For full details, see learning and language support.