Celebrating our champions of equity, diversity and inclusion

Our Dean’s Awards for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion recognise Faculty of IT staff and academics who have made significant contributions to ensure a more accessible, fair world.

All our award nominations focus on one or more of the following categories:

Areas of impact

Our award winners have supported a range of communities and causes within equity, diversity and inclusion, encompassing:

  • people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities
  • gender equality and equity
  • people from low socio-economic backgrounds
  • people with disabilities, ongoing medical or mental health conditions
  • people from ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Our 2021 recipients


Dr Kirsten Ellis and Hashini Senaratne

Engaging with disability organisations in the community to make electronic-making and STEM engagement activities more accessible to underrepresented people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

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Environment and Culture

Dr Amin Sakzad

Amin is well-known as an active supporter of equity, diversity and inclusion practices in the Faculty of IT and Monash more widely. He is one of our five mental health first aiders, having undergone three extensive workshops to undertake this important position.

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Phillip Abramson

Aware of equity, diversity and inclusion issues within the teaching environment, Phil approached the Respectful Communities team with ideas on how we can build understanding and challenge biases to enable sessional staff to support their peers and our students.

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Dr Guanliang Chen

Guanliang's research applies state-of-the-art language technologies to leverage textual data collected in various educational settings and construct a more fair and inclusive learning environment.

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Delvin Varghese, Joshua Seguin, Meriem Tebourbi, Tom Bartindale and Professor Patrick Olivier

'Social media playbook’ was a project that aimed to work with Victorian organisations to digitally engage young people and personnel in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

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