Our People

The Castan Centre is currently being led by Julie Debeljak, as Interim Director, and Ronli Sifris, as Interim Deputy Director.

The governance arrangements for the Centre are currently being revised and will be advised shortly.  Please contact Julie Debeljak, Ronli Sifris or Janice Hugo (the Centre administrator) in the interim.

Interim Director

Julie Debeljak teaches and researches in the field of international human rights law, comparative bills of rights, comparative domestic human rights law, and constitutional law.

Deputy Directors

Ronli Sifris researches in the field of human rights, reproductive rights, gender, transitional justice and international law.

Melissa Castan teaches and researches in the areas of Australian Public Law, Constitutional law, Indigenous Legal Issues and Legal Education.

Paula Gerber research interests include international human rights law, LGBTI rights and children's rights.

Tania Penovic teaches and researches in a number of areas including international human rights law, women's rights, access to justice and the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.

Joanna Kyriakakis researches in the  areas of intersection of corporate accountability, international criminal law, human rights, transitional justice, and legal theory.

Maria O'Sullivan teaches and researches in the areas of administrative law, public law and international refugee law.

Associates - Heli Askola, Patrick Emerton, Stephen Gray, Richard JoyceColin Campbell, Katie O'Bryan, Nadirsyah Hosen, Jean Allain, Caroline Henckels,  Luke BeckYee-Fui Ng, Amber Tan, Moira Paterson, Normann Witzleb and Janice Richardson

Research Centres Manager - Alan Shanks

Policy Manager - Karin Frode

Project Officer - Andrea Olivares Jones

Indigenous Group of Learning Coordinator - Michelle Donovan

Centres Administration Officer - Janice Hugo

Advisory Board