Our People


The Castan Centre governance structure is as follow:

  • Professor Melissa Castan – Director
  • Associate Professor Maria O’Sullivan – Deputy Director (Research)
  • Dr Ronli Sifris – Deputy Director (Education)


The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law is comprised of:

  • The governance office-holders (see above)
  • The Academic Members, who come from the Faculty of Law at Monash University and also potentially from other Faculties or institutions
  • The Affiliate Members, who come from the HDR cohort of the Faculty
  • The staff

Program research areas

The main research, policy and impact work of the Castan Centre is undertaken by thematic Program Research Groups.  These and the convenors are:

  • Climate Change and Human Rights (Associate Professor Gerry Nagtzaam)
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Professor Jean Allain)
  • Gender and Sexuality (Dr Tania Penovic)
  • Technology, Privacy and Information (Associate Professor Normann Witzleb)
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights (Professor Melissa Castan)
  • Charters of Rights (To be confirmed)

Advisory Board

The Castan Centre has an Advisory Board, which is being reconstituted (announcement expected soon)

The governance office-holders, Academic and Affiliate Members and staff of the Centre are presented below.

Director Deputy Director
Deputy Director

Prof Melissa Castan

A/Prof Maria O'Sullivan

Dr Ronli Sifris

Academic Members

Prof. Jean Allain

A/Prof  Dominique Allen

A/Prof Heli Askola

A/Prof Becky Batagol

Prof Luke Beck

Dr Gina Bekker

Adjunct Prof. the Hon Kevin H Bell AM QC

Dr Jeremie Bracka

Dr Paul Burgess

Dr Monique Cormier

A/Prof Julie Debeljak

Liam Elphick

Prof. Daniel Fitzpatrick

Prof. Paula Gerber

Dr Brendan Gogarty

Dr Stephen Gray

A/Prof Caroline Henckels

Dr Nadirsyah Hosen

Dr Richard Joyce

Dr Joanna Kyriakakis

A/Prof Gerry Nagtzaam

Dr Yee-Fui Ng

Dr Katie O'Bryan

Professor Chris Marsden

Adjunct Prof. Moira Paterson

Dr Tania Penovic

Prof. Marilyn Pittard

Adjunct Prof the Hon. Pamela Tate

Adjunct A/Prof Normann Witzleb


Centres Administration Officer
Antoinette Tartaro

Research Assistant
Scott Walker

Policy Manager
Andrea Olivares-Jones

Clinic Supervisor
Dr Jeremie Bracka

PhD Affiliates

Castan Centre PhD Affiliates are our featured early career researchers. Click here to learn more about their research.

Past Directors

Professor David Kinley


Professor Sarah Joseph


Adjunct Prof. the Hon Kevin H Bell AM QC