Our People


The Castan Centre governance structure is as follow:

  • Professor the Hon Kevin H Bell AM QC – Executive Director
  • Associate Professor Melissa Castan – Academic Director
  • Associate Professor Maria O’Sullivan – Deputy Director (Research)
  • Dr Ronli Sifris – Deputy Director (Education)


The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law is comprised of:

  • The governance office-holders (see above)
  • The Academic Members, who come from the Faculty of Law at Monash University and also potentially from other Faculties or institutions
  • The Affiliate Members, who come from the HDR cohort of the Faculty
  • The staff

Program research areas

The main research, policy and impact work of the Castan Centre is undertaken by thematic Program Research Groups.  These and the convenors are:

  • Charters of Rights (Prof the Hon Kevin Bell AM QC)
  • Climate Change and Human Rights (Dr Joanna Kyriakakis)
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Professor Jean Allain)
  • Gender and Sexuality (Dr Tania Penovic)
  • Privacy and Access to Information (Associate Professor Normann Witzleb)
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights (Associate Professor Melissa Castan)

Advisory Board

The Castan Centre has an Advisory Board, which is being reconstituted (announcement expected soon)

The governance office-holders, Academic and Affiliate Members and staff of the Centre are presented below.

Executive DirectorAcademic DirectorDeputy Director
Deputy Director

Prof. the Hon Kevin H Bell AM QC

A/Prof Melissa Castan

A/Prof Maria O'Sullivan

Dr Ronli Sifris

Academic Members

Prof. Jean Allain

A/Prof  Dominique Allen

A/Prof Heli Askola

A/Prof Luke Beck

Dr Gina Bekker

A/Prof Julie Debeljak

Liam Elphick

Prof. Daniel Fitzpatrick

Prof. Paula Gerber

Dr Stephen Gray

A/Prof Caroline Henckels

Dr Nadirsyah Hosen

Dr Richard Joyce

Dr Joanna Kyriakakis

A/Prof Gerry Nagtzaam

Dr Yee-Fui Ng

Dr Katie O'Bryan

Prof. Moira Paterson

Dr Tania Penovic

Prof. Marilyn Pittard

Dr Amber Tan

Prof. the Hon. Pamela Tate SC

A/Prof Normann Witzleb

Centres Administration Officer
Janice Hugo

Research and Policy Assistant
Karin Frode

Policy Manager
Andrea Olivares-Jones