The Challenge

Capital punishment ends lives, destroys families, and operates in discriminatory and arbitrary ways. And no reliable evidence exists to show that the death penalty deters unlawful behaviour or makes the community safer.

Amnesty International estimated that in 2019*:

657 prisoners were executed
2307 prisoners were sentenced to death
26,004 prisoners were on death row

While the majority of death penalty research has emanated from and focuses on the US, well over 90% of global executions take place in Asia, which lags behind the global trend towards abolishing the death penalty. The Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Maldives have even taken steps to reinstate the death penalty or resume executions.

We urgently need strong empirical research to change the conversation in the countries that execute or are taking steps to resume executing soon. The time to take action is now.

*Amnesty International, 2020

Making it possible: the power of philanthropy

With your support, Eleos Justice will be able to achieve its vision to become the region’s leading institute for evidence-based research, policy, network-building, and clinical case-work devoted to abolishing the death penalty.

Together, we can work towards ending the death penalty across Asia.

We can Change It. For Good.

Thanks to seed funding from the Australian Government, we’ve been able to launch Eleos Justice.

But to truly unlock transformational impact across the Asia-Pacific region, we need the support of like-minded philanthropic partners. Eleos Justice now invites passionate philanthropists who want to contribute to ending the death penalty to join us by supporting our three key areas of work.

1. Supporting our Research

Supporting our Research program will help us build our capacity by recruiting outstanding talent, including PhD researchers and research assistants. It will also allow us to conduct field trips for in-country research projects. Increasing the sum total of our knowledge in this way will enable us to transform Eleos Justice into a research hub that carries out world- class research and attracts scholars from the Asia-Pacific region.

2. Supporting our Advocacy

We’ve formed partnerships with key players in the region (e.g. ADPAN) to co-design advocacy projects. Funding our Advocacy
program will allow us to ramp up our efforts to support regional lawyers and advocates with new initiatives, including in-country training programs, a Visiting Fellows Program, and an electronic research and policy platform to connect anti- death penalty advocates across the world.

3. Supporting our Teaching

Since July 2018, our Anti-Death Penalty Clinic has provided pro-bono representation and support to prisoners on death row, as well
as casework and advocacy support to litigators and advocates in the region. The Clinic is extremely popular among students, who have described the program as "transformative”, and a space in which they can “make a meaningful contribution to social justice”.

Funding our Teaching program will allow us to take on more students, train and hire additional Clinical Supervisors to support our
students, and expand the number of local partners we serve.