Training tomorrow’s anti-death penalty researchers and advocates

To make real, lasting change into the future, we will use Eleos Justice’s teaching arm, the Eleos Anti-Death Penalty Clinic, to:

  • build a pipeline of next-generation researchers and advocates who can continue working towards ending the death penalty
  • give students the opportunity to work alongside NGOs and lawyers across Asia who require assistance with casework, research, and advocacy briefs
  • give students real-life, hands-on experience working under careful guidance and supervision from experienced staff.

Monash Law - Our Eleos Anti-Death Penalty Clinic

It's estimated that there are over 26,5000 people sitting on death row worldwide. Many of these people are disadvantaged in terms of economic status or suffer mental illness, or have been discriminated against because of their sexual identity, gender, religious or political beliefs.

Monash Law students who take part in the Eleos Anti-Death Penalty Clinic work in small groups under the close supervision of a Clinical Supervisor to undertake research and analysis of current death penalty cases, strategic litigation and advocacy campaigns and assisting legal teams in Asia.

Monash Law: World Day Against the Death Penalty

This video was produced by Monash Law's Eleos Anti-Death Penalty Clinic students for the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, in hope that it will raise awareness of the predicament in retentionist countries and make a difference in the fight towards global abolition of the death penalty. This year’s theme was ‘access to counsel', which explores the denied access to effective legal representation in different cultural, political and social contexts across the globe.