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The Conversation Series brings together brightest thinkers and sharpest minds—academics, practitioners, advocates—to weigh in on topical issues pertaining to the death penalty in the Asia Pacific region. All seminars are offered online via zoom.

If you would like to present at our Conversation Series, please get in touch with Mai Sato (

TITLEConversation Series: Death Penalty Holdouts in the South Pacific
DATEThursday, 3 June 2021
TIME1:00 PM – 2:00 PM AEST
LOCATIONOnline (Zoom)

In our next seminar, Associate Professor Daniel Pascoe joins us for an examination of past and present death penalty politics in the South Pacific. This discussion will probe why Papua New Guinea and Tonga - the last retentionist states in the South Pacific - have strayed from the paths chartered by their geographical, cultural and historical neighbours.

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TITLEConversation Series: Death Penalty Policy and Practice in Singapore
DATEWednesday, 18 August 2021
TIME1:00 PM – 2:00 PM AEST

Online (Zoom)


Join us for a discussion of death penalty practice and policy in Singapore from Professor Michael Hor, a leading academic on criminal law, criminal procedure and evidence.

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TITLEConference: The Politics of Death Penalty Abolition in Australia and Beyond
DATEThursday, 6 May 2021

This conference reviews the politics of death penalty abolition from a number of perspectives—historical, legal and political, domestic and international.

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TITLEConversation Series: Death Penalty in Pakistan
DATEThursday, 1 April 2021

There are currently nearly 4,000 people on death row in Pakistan. Join us to hear more about death penalty practice in Pakistan from Sarah Belal, Executive Director of Justice Project Pakistan.

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TITLEReport Launch: State-Sanctioned Killing of Sexual Minorities
DATEMonday, 22 February 2021

Many take for granted the acceptability of consensual sexual activity between persons of the same sex, and the total inappropriateness of the state interfering with—let alone prohibiting—such behaviour. It may come as a surprise, then, that around the world, numerous states are complicit in the most extreme response to sexual diversity: homicide. 

In addition to the handful of countries that impose the death penalty for same-sex intimacy, this report examines the far greater number of countries in which state actors commission, condone, endorse and enable the killing of sexual minorities. A global snapshot shows that sexual minorities have been subjected to extrajudicial executions and state-sponsored 'conversion therapies’ that lead to death or pose significant risk to life. Further, killings by private actors have been excused by discriminatory homicide laws, such as the notorious ‘gay panic’ defence which remained lawful in Australia until December 2020.

Join us for the launch of ‘State-Sanctioned Killing of Sexual Minorities: Looking Beyond the Death Penalty’, in partnership with CPJP).


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TITLEConversation Series: Ambika Satkunanathan and Catherine Heard
DATEWednesday, 10 February 2021

In our second seminar, we hear from both speakers about various types of violence—direct, structural, and cultural—that occur in Sri Lankan prisons and beyond.

Ambika Satkunanathan speaks to us about the launch of a new report on Sri Lankan prisons published by the Human rights Commission of Sri Lanka. Despite a moratorium on executions which has been in place since 1976, judges have continued to sentence people to death. As of April 2018, over a thousand prisoners were on death row.

Catherine Heard shares her findings from her project ‘Understanding and reducing the use of imprisonment in ten countries’, which examines the realities of imprisonment across five continents (See ICPR’s latest report here.)


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Conversation Series: Dr Christopher Ward SC

DATEThursday, 26 November 2020

Join us for the first instalment of the Conversation Series, delivered by Monash Law and Capital Punishment Justice Project.

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TITLEEleos Justice Launch
DATEThursday, October 9 2020
DESCRIPTIONWitness the launch of Eleos Justice - achieving justice on the death penalty in Asia.
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