Monash University's Climate Change Initiatives

Monash University, Australia’s largest university, has committed to net zero carbon emissions from our Australian campuses by 2030. To achieve this ambitious target, our UN award-winning Net Zero Initiative is using our campuses to develop, test and integrate new market-leading energy technologies, industry and government partnerships, and financial mechanisms, including the world’s first University-based climate bond. Our experiences are informing energy transitions in other communities, leading the way to global energy sustainability.

At Monash University, we pride ourselves on offering world-leading sustainability education.

Whether it’s in science, law, engineering, business, public health, education, IT or the humanities, Monash’s wide range of undergraduate and graduate course units, doctoral programs, and executive education offerings are providing learners at all stages in their career with the skills needed to understand and address our changing climate. And when it comes to bringing all the pieces together, our forward-thinking interdisciplinary degree programs are changing what sustainability education looks like.

We’re undertaking cutting edge interdisciplinary research to find solutions to the world’s biggest problems like climate change.

As the world’s 75th ranked university, we are working at the frontiers of global climate and sustainability research. Through specialised and innovative institutes and research centres, along with every faculty of the University, our expertise includes net zero pathways and policies, net zero precincts and sustainable urban transformations, renewable energy materials and systems, climate change communication, climate and Antarctic science, climate justice, planetary health, and responsible business and management, among many others. With a focus on putting research into practice through interdisciplinary approaches and cross-sector partnerships, we are helping to redefine how we live and thrive in a changing climate.