Australia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Audiences

Cover of Australia's Covid19 Vaccine Audiences Report One of the first steps in any effective public health communication campaigns is knowing your audience. Audience segmentation studies help identify like-minded groups within the public who could be expected to respond in similar ways to messaging. With a critical need to achieve high levels of COVID-19 vaccination across Australia, understanding what motivates Australians to get or not get vaccinated can help public health communication teams to tailor campaign messaging for maximum engagement and vaccine uptake.

This study shows there are five distinct publics on COVID-19 vaccination in Australia with varying patterns of interest and concern, and different levels of trust in sources and channels for information. Understanding these differences helps us better reach these distinct publics, by supporting them to access and understand the information that can overcome their concerns and prompt vaccine uptake, delivered through a messenger they are more likely to listen to, via a channel they rely upon.

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