Changing Climates

In   collaboration   with   Quest   Community   News, Newslocal and  the Geelong Advertiser, the  Hub   delivers   hyper-localised weather and climate columns to Brisbane readers via their online local news sites.

The columns discuss local weather patterns and contextualise them in the broader discussion of local climate. They provide space for discussing climate trends at a local   level,   and   are   able   to   draw   useful   comparisons   between   different   areas   of several   cities.   They   also   features   voices   from   the   community   who   discuss   their experience. These local perspectives demonstrate how climate change is affecting the lives and livelihoods of communities around Australia.

This   hyper-localised   form   of   weather   and   climate   communication   will   assist   in improving the climate literacy of Australians and help them make effective decisions toward a more sustainable future.

Changing Climates runs weekly in Brisbane’s Quest News, Newslocal Dubbo and in the Geelong Advertiser. Changing Climates is set to launch in 24 mastheads across Sydney and greater New South Wales in March 2021, with further expansion planned across Australia later next year.


Pre-COVID,   the   project   ran   as   a   print   column   in   Leader Community   News   in Melbourne. Following a successful launch in March 2019, weekly localised climate columns and graphics were printed in 24 mastheads across metropolitan Melbourne, reaching 1.5 million readers per month. In March 2020, this project was expanded to Quest Community News in Brisbane, which consisted of 13 individual mastheads and reached an additional one million readers.