Climate Communicators

Climate Communicators is the MCCCRH's flagship program and produces simple, long-term climate graphics for Australian weather presenters. By detailing city-level climate trends in a simple format, the program is building an understanding of the local implications of a global phenomenon. And with television remaining the single largest source of news and weather for Australians, it reaches hundreds of thousands of people with each broadcast.

Avoiding advocacy and letting the facts speak for themselves

Source: Chris Hopkins, The Age 

Following a successful launch in Melbourne on the ABC & Seven Network in May 2018, Climate Communicators expanded into Queensland in April 2019. The ongoing Victorian and Queensland programs of Climate Communicators receive advice and guidance from a panel of climate communication, media and meteorological experts.

The program was born from the results of the Australian Weather Presenter Survey which found that 71% of Australian weather presenters said they would be comfortable using climate graphics in their reporting. Similarly, the MCCCRH's 2018 survey of capital city television audiences found that there was a parallel desire from audiences for television-based climate information from trusted sources such as weather presenters.