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Laing, Rosemary - 2005.29

100 Works of the Monash University Collection

Between 2016 and 2019, MUMA commissioned short-form texts by art historians, curators and artists on 100 artworks held in the Monash University Collection. The aim was to open the Collection up to a broad range of voices and perspectives—from those who have had close contact with it over five decades, to those new to it. Invited writers examine artworks in detail, offering a close analysis of the specific materials, techniques and installation devices used, and elaborating on their historical and art-historical contexts. As such, the texts reflect the material, conceptual, cultural and temporal diversity and scope of the Collection itself.

The texts are intended to enrich daily interactions with Collection artworks and extend learning, appreciation and knowledge for both local and broader audiences. The project continues MUMA’s ongoing commitment to commissioning, collecting and researching contemporary Australian art, and builds upon earlier collection publications, such as Change (2010) and Monash University Collection: Four Decades of Collecting (2002).

Image: Rosemary Laing, Welcome to Australia 2004, type C photograph. 60 x 122.2 cm. Purchased 2005

100 Works of the Monash University Collection
Fiona Abicare

Barn Door 1 2019,-Vernon-2016.44-resized.jpg
Vernon Ah Kee

notananimaloraplant 2007,-Micky-2011.34.1a-resized.jpg
Micky Allan

My Trip 1976,-James-2015.62-resized.jpg
James Angus

Built Unbuilt Unbuildable 2015,-Howard-1994.9-resized.jpg
Howard Arkley

Zappo Head 1991,-Hany-2012.17-resized.jpg
Hany Armanious

Relative Nobody 2010,-Atong-2017.24.1-resized.jpg
Atong Atem

Adut 2015,-Damiano-2014.21.1-resized.jpg
Damiano Bertoli

Claudio 2013,-Kate-1996.5.5-resized.jpg
Kate Beynon

Li Ji (Li Ji) 1996,-Vivienne-2018.53-resized.jpg
Vivienne Binns

Floating 2000,-Karen-2016.79-resized.jpg
Karen Black

Letting Her Hair Down 2016,-Daniel-2014.50-resized.jpg
Daniel Boyd

Untitled 2014,-Hannah-2018.56-resized.jpg
Hannah Brontë

Umma’s Tongue-molten at 6000˚ 2017,-Mike-1977.3-resized.jpg
Mike Brown

Untitled c. 1977 (n.d.),-Louisa-2015.23-resized.jpg
Louisa Bufardeci

I know I don’t know 2014,-Ian-2013.14-a-resized.jpg
Ian Burns

Pond 2010,-Kushana-2018.1-resized.jpg
Kushana Bush

Actors Unmoored by Wind 2017,-Mitch-2017.16-resized.jpg
Mitch Cairns

Agatha Gothe-Snape 2017,-Christian-2007.7-resized.jpg
Christian Capurro

Gorgonia 1999–2006,-Michael-2016.7.1-resized.jpg
Michael Cook

Majority Rule 2014,-Peter-2015.41-Zan-Wimberly-resized.jpg
Peter Cripps

Public Projects Mirror Orator 2010,-Aleksander-1988.6-resized.jpg
Aleksander Danko

The Danko 1971 Concept of Sculpture. SCULPTURE as being the elusive object HA! 1971,-Juan-1994.23-resized.jpg
Juan Davila

Picasso Theft 1991,-John-1979.3b-resized.jpg
John Davis

Lean To 1977,-Destiny-2002.7-resized.jpg
Destiny Deacon

Meloncholy 2000,-Mikala-2013.15-resized.jpg
Mikala Dwyer

Diviner 2012,-Alicia-2013.3-resized.jpg
Alicia Frankovich

Bisons 2010,-Leonard-1970.18-resized.jpg
Leonard French

Alpha and Omega 1969–70,-Marco-2015.50-resized.jpg
Marco Fusinato

The Infinitive 5 2015,-Diena-2006.16-resized.jpg
Diena Georgetti

The Humanity of Abstract Painting 2006,-Simryn-2002.14-resized.jpg
Simryn Gill

A Small Town at the Turn of the Century 1999–2000,-Kumpaya-2007.35-resized.jpg
Kumpaya Girgirba

Kunawarritji and Kinyu 2007

Goffman, Sarah - 2018.66 by Andrew Curtis
Sarah Goffman

I Am with You 2017,-Mira-2009.40-resized.jpg
Mira Gojak

From the outside to the outside 2009,-Agatha-2011.29-31-resized.jpg
Agatha Gothe-Snape

Every artist remembered 2011,-Agatha-Campus-green.jpg
Agatha Gothe-Snape

The Scheme Was a Blueprint for Future Development Programs 2015,-Matthew-2017.10-resized.jpg
Matthew Griffin

Common sense 2009,-Birrikitji-2016.32-resized.jpg
Birrikitji Gumana

Unknown c. 1969,-Gali-2009.1-resized.jpg
Malu Gurruwiwi

Banumbirr – Morning Star Poles 2007–08,-Brent-1998.73-resized.jpg
Brent Harris

Just a feeling (no.2) 1996,-Siri-2018.9.1-resized.jpg
Siri Hayes

Loading series 2017,-Bianca-2015.27.5-resized.jpg
Bianca Hester

HOOP PROPS (medium) (from the series 'Hoops: sound tests, performances, documents 2011 – 2013') 2011,-Matt-2017.13-resized.jpg
Matthew Hinkley

Untitled 2017,-Ludwig-1980.8-resized.jpg
Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack

Untitled (abstract composition in red, yellow and blue) 1960,-Lou-2014.31.1-resized.jpg
Lou Hubbard

EYE OPS 1–5 2013,-Phillip-2002.37-resized.jpg
Philip Hunter

[Untitled] 1985,-Robert-1989.3-resized.jpg
Robert Hunter

Untitled #1 1988,-Raafat-2017.26.1-resized.jpg
Raafat Ishak

Macadamia, Cashew, Almond and Brazil 2017,-Helen-2015.63-resized.jpg
Helen Johnson

Not saying what should go in its place, but saying, not this 2015,-Tim-2015.8.3-resized.jpg
Tim Johnson

Induction 1972,-Mathew-2010.26-resized.jpg
Mathew Jones

The New York Daily News on the Day Before the Stonewall Riot, Copied by Hand from Microfilm Records 1997,-Maria-1994.21-resized.jpg
Maria Kozic

Tits 1991,-Rosemary-2005.29-resized.jpg
Rosemary Laing

Welcome to Australia 2004,-Claire-2009.41-48-resized.jpg
Claire Lambe

Ultra Primo 2009,-Richard-1978.6-resized.jpg
Richard Larter

Twisted Dispensable Trifle 1977,-Robert-2005.12a-resized.jpg
Robert MacPherson

I SEE A CAN OF PAINT AS A PAINTING UNPAINTED 1982,-Nick-2005.30-resized.jpg
Nicholas Mangan

Colony 2005,-Silvana-and-Gabriella-Mangano-2007.1-c-resized.jpg
Silvana Mangano, Gabriella Mangano

If ... so ... then 2006,-Brian-2018.2.1-resized.jpg
Brian Martin

Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #8 2017,-Alex-2010.27-resized.jpg
Alex Martinis Roe

Megaphone for anti-vertical demonstration 2010,-Nanyin-2016.33-resized.jpg
Nanyin Maymuru

Unknown c. 1962,-Erica-1967.10-resized.jpg
Erica McGilchrist

The embrace 1964,-Angelica-2012.12.b-resized.jpg
Angelica Mesiti

Citizens band 2012,-Hayley-2018.59.1-resized.jpg
Hayley Millar-Baker

Even If the Race Is Fated to Disappear (Peeneeyt Meerreeng / Before, Now, Tomorrow) 2, 3 & 7 2017,-Tracey-1995.33.5-resized.jpg
Tracey Moffatt

Doll Birth 1972,-Callum-1995.46-resized.jpg
Callum Morton

24 Hrs 1995,-Dan-2016.83-resized.jpg
Dan Moynihan

Seeing things 2015,-Elizabeth-1990.8-resized.jpg
Elizabeth Newman

Untitled 1987,-Rose-2017.22-resized.jpg
Rose Nolan

GIVE OR TAKE 2017,-David-2014.15-resized.jpg
David Noonan

Untitled 2014,-Susan-1995.52-resized.jpg
Susan Norrie

Shudder (Pathology) 1994,-Raquel-2008.37-40-at-SAM-2018-c-resized.jpg
Raquel Ormella

Wild rivers: Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney 2008,-Joshua-2018.60.1_2-resized.jpg
Joshua Petherick

Condolence (iii) and (iv) 2017

Stuart Ringholt
Stuart Ringholt

Circle-books 2005,-Stuart-2016.48-resized.jpg
Stuart Ringholt

Signpost 2007,-Neil-1998.80-resized.jpg
Neil Roberts

1,800 bounces. 8.1.96 1996,-Robert-1990.21-resized.jpg
Robert Rooney

Holden Park 1 & 2 1970,-David-2010.49-resized.jpg
David Rosetzky

Forever 2010,-Bernhard-1989.23-resized.jpg
Bernhard Sachs

(During Philosophy) Landscape at T, South Australia 1959 (Our Salt, Our Desolation) 1989,-Yhonnie-2018.16.a-resized.jpg
Yhonnie Scarce

Only a Mother Could Love Them 2016,-Peggy-1970.22-resized.jpg
Peggy Perrins Shaw

Great Barrier Reef 1970,-Simone-2018.54-resized.jpg
Simone Slee

Rock #2, Happy to Help 2017,-Charlie-2013.4-resized.jpg
Charlie Sofo

Cats 2011,-Ricky-2016.19a-resized.jpg
Ricky Swallow

Magnifying glass with rope no. 5 2014,-Kathy-1992.7-resized.jpg
Kathy Temin

White Problem 1992,-Michelle-2014.16a-resized.jpg
Michelle Ussher

Sunset in a Blackhole – Lightbulb in a Plughole 2012,-Ronnie-2015.1-resized.jpg
Ronnie van Hout

Dayton 2014,-Jenny-1996.12-resized-copy.jpg
Jenny Watson

Brown horse with yellow/green headband 1973,-Judy-2018.18-resized.jpg
Judy Watson

Drawing on water 2016,-Normana-1967.17-resized.jpg
Normana Wight

Untitled 1967,-Justene-2015.26a-resized.jpg
Justene Williams

She Came Over Singing Like a Drainpipe Shaking Spoon Infused Mixers 2011,-Marrnyula-2016.23.1-resized.jpg
Yirrkala String Prints

Marrnyula Mununggurr, Rupo (Possum) 2013,-Anne-1996.4-resized.jpg
Anne Zahalka

Saturday 2:48 pm 1995,-Teisutis-1976.18-resized.jpg
Teisutis Zikaras

Sitting woman 1953