Compute Resources

Technology and computing resources

We use a range of computing platforms for our collaborative research work and are happy to provide advice and assistance to researchers who need access to compute and storage for bioinformatics. The primary platforms we use are:

  • NeCTAR - the Platform uses the NeCTAR research cloud extensively, via the Monash node R@Cmon, supported by the Monash eResearch Centre.
  • Monash HPC (Massive, M3) - our standard toolset is available on M3, installed via bio-ansible. M3 contains 87+ nodes, typically with 24 cores and 128 Gb or 256 Gb of RAM per node. Special high RAM nodes with 1TB+ memory are also available for de-novo genome assembly. M3 also provides GPU nodes particularly suited to deep learning and image processing.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - we use AWS to supplement the local cloud and high performance cluster computing resources at Monash.
  • Galaxy - researchers that would like to use Galaxy should consider using the official  Galaxy Australia server, refer to the recorded webinar video for more informaiton on available Galaxy resources in Australia.
  • VicNode - our primary data storage is provided by the VicNode arm of the nationally funded Research Data Services, supported by the Monash eResearch Centre. We store primary data and analysis outputs for projects we collaborate on. Researchers are encouraged to contact Monash eResearch if they require long term archival of large datasets.

Where possible we use our bio-ansible project for configuration management to provide a consistent availability of tools across computing platforms. This eases administrative burden and improves reproducibility for analysis.