Work with us

We have various arrangements for engaging with research projects on short or long term basis.

Support for larger projects is available via EFT (part salary) contribution, while small, well defined, projects are charged via a fee-for-service model. The MBP has a fixed pricing structure for the most common analysis services. For custom or larger-scale analyses, this is an engagement that is more akin to hiring a postdoc for a short term and will need a plan and quotation after understanding the requirements and priorities of the project.

What we offer:

  • You can drop-in at our weekly Friday help session (3 pm on Zoom, Join our general mailing list for the link) for free consultation on experimental design and preliminary data analysis.
  • We can embed a bioinformatician in your lab.
  • We can provide hot desks for students or postdocs to work alongside the bioinformatics team
  • Supervise PhD, masters and honours projects
  • We can advise on experimental design before you commence your project.
  • Need bioinformatics support for your next grant application? Submit a request here


Our team has a wide range of experience in bioinformatics analysis. While we can help analyse data for you, our model is to help facilitate you in planning and designing your experiments and analysing your own data. With this in mind, we can offer advice at any stage in the research cycle (grant writing, experimental design, data analysis and publication). We also provide hands-on training for digital data-handling skill development.

We also facilitate access to high performance and cloud computing and act as a hub for investigators with similar research directions who may help you on your research journey.

We are actively building a community around bioinformatics practitioners and offer forums for asking questions and sharing experiences and research works in progress.

We work closely with the sequencing facilities at Monash campuses, including Micromon and MHTP, to provide you with a comprehensive sequencing experiment design solution.  We are always happy to assist you to find the most suitable sequencing platform for your experiment.


We are very passionate and proud of supporting Monash researchers with their Bioinformatics needs and for being part of the published research work. Where appropriate please acknowledge the contributions of MBP as co-authors or by simply stating “Authors acknowledge support of Monash Bioinformatics Platform for this work” .