What we do

The focus areas of the Bioinformatics platform are:

  • Research:
    • We do collaborative research with high-quality publication outcomes along with Bioinformatics support to funding applications. Contact us to discuss your upcoming projects and experimental design.
  • Training & Outreach:
    • We provide skill development, hands-on training and seminars on a wide range of technical topics relevant to Monash researchers.
    • We run weekly drop-in Bioinformatics help sessions.
    • We are actively developing and supporting coding community on the campus. Data Fluency is one of our latest initiatives in collaboration with the Monash library.
  • Bioinformatic Tools and Computing
    • Bioinformatics methods, tools and application development. Facilitating access to high performance compute and data storage infrastructure at Monash.


We have Bioinformatics and data analysis capabilities in the genomics and proteomics areas including but not limited to:

  • Omics experimental design
  • Bulk and single cell RNA-seq
  • ChIP-seq / ATAC-seq
  • Variant analysis
  • Microbiome profiling
  • Methylation analysis
  • Genotyping by Sequencing
  • Whole genome assembly and annotation
  • High throughput profiling of the proteome
  • Studying protein structures
  • Custom analysis pipeline development