Joint Research Institute

Six research centres. About 300 staff from Monash and SEU. JRI holds the exclusive ability to access Chinese Government competitive research funding, Australia’s equivalent to National Health and Medical Research Council or the Australian Research Council.

Monash-Suzhou Research Institute

MSRI is a separate non-government and not-for-profit Chinese entity, enhancing operations like joint investment in research platforms, infrastructure, some government research funding and training.

MSRI will also allow Monash to hire research staff based in Suzhou to conduct research activities and to teach and supervise  postdoctoral research and PhD students in Suzhou.

Monash Engineering and Technology Company Ltd

METCo is established by Monash as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China to facilitate commercial aspects, such as engagement with local companies and employing staff in China.

METCo broadens industry engagement across our global network of campuses and enhance our industry linkages for PhD students, that’s why METCo enables Monash to partner with domestic and foreign companies based in China especially at the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Monash-Kunshan Industrial Innovation Centre

Monash University (Kunshan) Industrial Innovation Centre was established in October 2018 between Monash University and the Kunshan government. Financial support will be provided by the Kunshan government via the Kunshan Industrial Research Institute to support its operation. Its R&D activities can be supported separately as collaborative projects. Learn more about our Industry Engagement.