Antonio Verdejo Garcia Lab

Welcome to the Addiction and Impulsivity Research (AIR) Lab

Our group is interested in understanding how addictive disorders change the brain and goal-oriented behaviour. We also apply this knowledge to create and test new interventions to improve goal-based decision-making.

We study impulsivity as a common symptom of substance and behavioural addictions, obesity and eating disorders. We use brain imaging, cognitive testing and digital technology to understand how people with these disorders make decisions about rewards and risks.

To design our interventions, we use principles of neuropsychology and behaviour change, and apply person-based approaches and co-design, cognitive remediation and persuasive technologies optimised to strengthen goal-driven choices.

The Lab is led by Professor Antonio Verdejo-Garcia.

We are part of the School of Psychological Sciences and a member of the Addiction and Mental Health Program in the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health.

Lab news

Read about some of our latest research and other highlights here.