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Online parenting program effective in prevention of teenage depression and anxiety: Study

A world-leading free, online parenting program developed by Monash University researchers has shown to be effective in improving parenting practices to reduce risk of teenage depression.

25 March, 2020

20 Year Clinical Neuropsychology Doctorate Reunion

On 15 November 2019, Prof Jennie Ponsford hosted a 20 year reunion of the doctoral program in Clinical Neuropsychology. It was a truly memorable night, attended by 100 of the 135 graduates of our program, as well as current and previous

28 February, 2020
Student Snoozing

Snoozing your way to the top of the class

Could a good night’s rest be the secret to getting good grades at school? Sleep scientists at Monash University are measuring the impact of changes in sleep, body clock and light on teenage brains to uncover how sleep patterns might

14 February, 2020

Is a Fitbit a reliable way to track sleep?

With the growing popularity of fitness watches that track personal data, including sleep, more people are using the information to inform choices about their health. But is this information really accurate? And can it be helpful to doctors?

News 10 December, 2019
Industry Networking Event

Building networks for mental health

Exploring opportunities for digital innovation in mental health research was the focus of an Industry Networking event held by the Turner Institute last week.

News 28 November, 2019
Professors Alex Fornito and Murat Yucel

Turner experts named on 2019 Hi-Ci list

Two brain and mental health experts from the Turner Institute have been named in the 2019 Highly Cited Researchers list by the Web of Science Group released last week.

News 28 November, 2019
Potter project team

Enhancing early childhood development in regional indigenous communities

A two-year project aimed at improving focus and attention in developmentally vulnerable children during the early years of schooling has received funding from the Ian Potter Foundation.

News 28 November, 2019
Research flight

Sleep researchers take science to the skies

Pilot and cabin crew sleep, alertness and wellbeing will continue to be the focus of Monash-led research during the second of three ultra-long haul flights being conducted by Qantas. Travelling

News 28 November, 2019

Tall Poppy Award for Turner researcher

Congratulations to Dr Laura Jobson who was the recipient of a Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award last month.

News 26 November, 2019