Advanced manufacturing and design

Monash University has long been a global innovator in materials, manufacturing, and future technology as part of its culture.

In the context of ‘additive manufacturing’, a significant investment in infrastructure, personnel, and support, as far back as 10 years ago, has seen Monash lead the way in everything from the science of 3D printing, to end-user products such as the world's first 3D printed jet-engine, and ‘on call’ custom implants for patients around Australia.

Proof of Concept Centres aim to facilitate and foster the exchange of ideas between University researchers, students and innovators and their industry counterparts. Typically this is achieved through a mix of educational programs, seed-funding, and advisory services, provided in a supportive and open  collaborative environment.

Funds are typically not only used for basic research, but to evaluate the commercial prospects of recent discoveries and technologies, via focusing on development of prototypes and products, testing, and market research/industry feedback. This evaluation may lead to industry collaboration, licensing,  the formation of a spin-off company, or the abandonment of the technology for commercial application.

Key focus points

  • The science behind next generation manufacturing as relevant to oil and gas application (science)
  • The use of additive manufacturing for oil and gas applications (technology)
  • The partnership with Woodside via linked Additive Manufacturing/3D printing labs, which includes co-investment and skills-transfer from Monash (partnership)
  • The exploration of disruptive, early-stage commercialisation opportunities: Products/Technologies (commercial)