Materials engineering

Monash University is proud to have one of the oldest ‘Materials Engineering’ departments in the world, established in 1970.

Since then, the department has been a true innovator, playing a key role in Australia’s enviable reputation as an innovator of advanced materials, and educating several generations of materials engineers who have shaped our modern world.

Continuing its innovation, the Department is housed in the flagship New Horizons building which has world-class facilities, and is designed to facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration, and interaction with the partners in the Clayton precinct, including CSIRO, Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, and The Australian Synchrotron.

This innovation, contributes to the core of Woodside FutureLab at Monash. Herein, a number of key themes with respect to the Pillar of Materials Engineering are addressed, with brief critical project descriptions provided.

Key focus points

  • Next generation materials
  • Materials durability
  • Next generation coatings
  • Materials selection
  • Step changes