Data science

Monash University has one of the world’s longest running continuous programs of research into machine learning, which is one of the core foundations of the emerging science of Data Science.

The Woodside FutureLab at Monash will serve as a portal to Data Science expertise. It will provide access to Monash’s unparalleled breadth and depth of existing Data Science expertise. It will provide access to a pipeline of talented graduates and postgraduates with specialised Data Science expertise.

As Woodside’s Data Science agenda develops, Woodside FutureLab at Monash will undertake targeted research to develop the next generation of technologies that address both Woodside’s specific needs, as well as issues facing the broader oil and gas sector. Woodside FutureLab will also provide Woodside with access to Monash’s international network of leading Data Science researchers and practitioners.

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Key focus points

  • Access to expertise
  • Education and Training
  • A talent pipeline
  • Next generation technologies
  • An international network