Turning the Pages of The Openings: Seminars with Dr Eric Winkel (2022)

Hidden Treasure Seminar Series (2020-2021)

We celebrated the inauguration of the Hidden Treasure Seminar Series together with 114 participants from all over the world. Listen and watch the seminar recordings below.

Sufi Studies Network Meetings (2021- )

  • 5 Mar 2021 - Dr Aydogan Kars (Monash University)
    • "Sufis and the Transmission of Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Perspectives"
  • 2 Apr 2021 - Dr Kenneth Avery (independent researcher)
    • "A Lyric Chapter in 'Attar's Conference of the Birds, With Special Reference to Jan"
  • 4 Jun 2021 - Dr Banu Senay (Macquarie University)
    • "A Place for Ambiguity in Musical Islam"
  • 6 Aug 2021 - Morokoth So (Western Sydney University)

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  1. Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society
  2. Prof. Peter Adamson on Ibn Arabi
  3. Interview of Prof. Peter Adamson with Prof. Mohammed Rustom

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