Summer Arts program

Summer semester offers you the opportunity to take units that you may not be able to fit into a normal semester. You may want to try a language unit in-country, take part in a study tour, study at our Prato Centre in Italy or get some practical workplace experience as an intern.

Unit offerings and dates

You're encouraged to enrol in summer units as soon as they are available, as this will help prevent cancellation due to low enrolment numbers.

Note: Summer units are taught in intensive-mode. Students are advised to limit their Summer enrolment to 12 credit points across Summer A and Summer B.

Information about application closing dates can be found in the program information for summer semester and term one units.

How to apply

For summer units, see:

For Prato units and information for term three (T3-57), see the Arts Prato website.


Results for winter and term three semesters will be released in second semester. For specific dates, see results dates.