Welcome to Arts Graduate Research

Monash Arts is one of the largest Arts faculties in Australia: our research and educators address critical social challenges and advance social sciences, humanities and arts knowledge nationally and internationally. Our graduate research program and our graduate researchers are critical contributors to our transformative research agenda and our social impact ambitions in the humanities, social sciences, music and theatre.

In the Faculty, we commit to providing outstanding and comprehensive graduate research education: you become part of a stimulating and supportive research environment. You have a range of graduate research degrees from which to choose: the Monash Arts PhD, Master of Arts, and our newly introduced graduate pathway program, the Master of Arts Research Training: these offerings include creative and practice based research pathways. All our degrees support the development of key research and professional skills as you undertake an independent investigation in your chosen research field. The Arts Advantage PhD is designed for those keen to pursue industry-based research. Wherever your research passions take you, your team of supervisors, graduate panels, professional internship options and our active research culture support you to graduate successfully and make a critical contribution to your field.

Our researchers are passionate and distinguished: we offer innovative and excellent graduate research programs in seven key fields. We support our supervisors to offer you immersive and transformative research experiences, professional tools and global networks.

You will have access to academic, professional development and collegial activities in the Faculty and across the University. There are significant career development and research training opportunities available to our research students including opportunities to participate in staff-led research projects competing for external funding from bodies such as the Australian Research Council and government entities. We help students prepare for their careers, focusing on skill acquisition, collaboration, project management capacity and deep grounded disciplinary knowledge.

We welcome you warmly to Monash Arts Graduate research and to our productive and collegial environment and hope that you will have a rewarding and successful graduate student experience.

Associate Professor Megan Farrelly
Associate Dean Graduate Research