Projects and events

Indicative projects include:

  • image-based abuse and gendered violence (Asher Flynn, SoSS)
  • the implications of data mining and online monitoring (Mark Andrejevic, MFJ)
  • men's sexting practices and cultures of masculinity in digital spaces (Steven Roberts, SoSS)
  • digital feminist networks and understandings of women’s work (Akane Kanai, MFJ)
  • social media and diplomacy in international relations (Constance Duncombe, SoSS)
  • cyber security awareness among government officials (Lennon Chang, SoSS)
  • how algorithms mediate intimacies and relationships (Alex Lambert, MFJ)
  • the implications of long-term social media use for young people (Brady Robards, SoSS)
  • language diversity in digital audience practices (Tessa Dwyer, MFJ)
  • biomedical technologies and the use of digital media by patients (Alan Petersen, SoSS)
  • the relation between technology and the body (Daniel Black, MFJ)

If you would like to find out more information about this group or be put on our mailing list for news and events, please contact one of the co-convenors: Dr Brady Robards or Dr Akane Kanai.


Public trust in social media - 10 September 2019