Aims and scope

Colloquy is an open access journal publishing scholarly work and creative writing from emerging and established researchers in literary and cultural studies, critical theory, continental philosophy, film and television studies, communications and media studies, and performance studies.

Colloquy began its life as a printed journal in 1996 within the then Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Monash University. Today, Colloquy is produced as an online only journal by postgraduate students within the Literary and Cultural Studies Graduate Research Program at Monash University.

The journal publishes scholarly articles, book reviews and review articles, translations with scholarly introductions, and creative writing, including short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, and graphic narratives. The editors encourage submissions from postgraduate students, early career researchers and established academics. All work, save book reviews, is double-blind peer reviewed by appropriate academic referees, ensuring originality and quality of content.

The aim of Colloquy is to provide a forum for the theory-informed scholarly critique of contemporary texts. Here, we conceptualise “text” broadly and understand it to refer to any aesthetic or cultural object that can be read as a set of signs. The journal strives to contribute to the academic community by providing a platform for postgraduate students and early career researchers to publish cutting-edge research.

Publication frequency

Colloquy publishes issues twice a year, in Autumn and Spring. Submissions are accepted for general issues throughout the year.

The journal also publishes special themed issues, either connected to conferences with which Colloquy has been involved, or collecting submissions after calls for papers have been disseminated. These issues, released within the standard twice-yearly publication schedule, are either devoted entirely to the special content, or publish the themed material on a distinct section.


Colloquy is run by postgraduate students in the Literary and Cultural Studies Graduate Research Program at Monash University. We encourage current Monash postgraduates who are interested in becoming involved to email the editors.

The Colloquy advisory board consists of academics from the Literary and Cultural Studies program. View the current Colloquy editorial team and advisory board.

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

ISSN 1447-0950

(Former ISSN for print issues: 1325-9490)