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Colloquy: issue 39

Issue 39 of Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique is a general issue which attests to the passion and motivation of our ongoing editors and authors. We would like to acknowledge the contribution of outgoing editor-in-chief Calvin Fung. We also welcome some new members to the editorial team and would like to thank them for their hard work on this issue.

Front Matter and Contents



Displacing Presumptive Heterosexuality: Reading Queer (?) Characters using Thin Description

  • Emily Wotherspoon

Empathy and the Anthropocene

  • Jessica Phillips

Vegetarian vampires of the Anthropocene: Re-reading the animal blood diet in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga

  • Sophie Dungan

Image-making in the Settler State: the "National Emergency" we had to have

  • Jillian Gardner

Creative Writing

Walking to Montjuïc

  • Claire Rosslyn Wilson

The Last Thing

  • Rebecca Bryson

ice storm

  • Merav Fima

Waste Not

  • Travis Lucas

Book reviews

Maria Löschnigg and Melanie Braunecker (eds.), Green Matters

  • Reviewed by Francesca Teltscher Taylor

Elizabeth Bryer, From Here On, Monsters

  • Reviewed by Merav Fima

Luke Horton, The Fogging

  • Giulia Mastrantoni