German entry level test

New students who have some knowledge of German will need to sit an entry level test to determine the appropriate language entry level.

The diagnostic test for first year German students will be administered as a self-assessment tool. Students are required to access the Goethe Institute website.

Complete the test

The test comprises 30 questions. Students are required to follow the prompts and record their score out of a total of 30. Students with a score of 25 or above are encouraged to enrol in level 7 (ATS3097), 20-24 level 5 (ATS2095) and less than 20 in level 3 (ATS2093). Maximum time allowed is 20 minutes. Supporting materials such as dictionaries, grammar guides, word lists etc. are not permitted.

Please note that it is in the student’s interest to follow the test guidelines. A distorted score as a result of external assistance will result in incorrect entry level.

For further questions, students may contact any of the German studies staff.