Korean Cultural Teaching on Monash MBA Programme

MBA On September 7, Associate Professor and Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub Director, Andrew David Jackson, led a session for Monash University MBA students at Caulfield around South Korean business culture. As part of the MBA Programme, students will be travelling to South Korea to increase their awareness, understanding and knowledge of businesses and companies in South Korea. On their trip, they will have the opportunity to directly interact with Korean employees and attend site visits to various locations. To prepare for the trip, Monash Korean Studies taught the session ‘Cultural situations for business people dealing with South Korea.’ This involved presenting Korean-related scenarios and having students work in groups to answer questions. The situations ranged from drinking and food etiquette, exchange of business cards, business meetings, bowing and showing respect, and negotiations. The MBA students actively engaged in learning about Korean culture through the scenarios and the session was successful in giving them insight into Korean business culture. Korean culture may not have been familiar to many of them but by the end of the session, the MBA students had developed greater awareness of the peculiarities of Korean cultural practices and looked forward to their trip to Seoul.

Kyle Han-Menz (Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub Student Teaching Assistant).