Monash Film and Screen Studies produces globally recognised research helping to uncover and showcase the history and transformation of screen media.

Research in Film and Screen Studies is recognised nationally as being ‘Above World Standing’ (ERA 2018, 2015, 2012). Through world-renowned academics, vital research projects, interdisciplinary research groups, visiting scholars and special events, FSS research offers unique perspectives on contemporary and past screen media, stimulates critical and innovative thinking, and engages with the rich and diverse cultural history of the moving image. With interest in moving-image culture that extends from the first silent films through to YouTube, FSS contributes to a body of research at the vanguard of film theory and criticism, film history and culture.

Film and Screen Studies leads the Screen Histories and Cultures Research Program that focuses on new paradigms for addressing rapid transformation of the moving image while promoting an approach to the digital present and future that values historical understanding and developments.

Our academics also lead and contribute to other research programs in the School of Media, Film and Journalism including the Environment & Media program and the Gender and Media Lab.

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