Arts students take on the world with Monash's Global Discovery Program

New York is an exciting city at the best of times. When you’re on an expense paid trip specially designed to help you realise your career dreams, it's a whole other ballgame.

This year, Monash Arts students Lucia Palami (pictured left) and Hannah Schauder (pictured right) travelled to this inspiring urban epicentre with Monash University’s Global Discovery Program. Along with eight other students from across Monash, they spent over a week meeting influential Monash ex-pats, receiving inspiring career advice, and gaining exclusive access to key corporate decision makers from a wide range of organisations, including S&P Global, United Nations, Viacom, Revlon and iHeartRadio

For Lucia, a Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management student, the Global Discovery Program gave her the chance to see how she can leverage the global interest in sustainable tourism to improve her business and expanding her career horizons. After her hometown in the Phillipines was devastated by a super-typhoon, Lucia witnessed first-hand how a community can come together to make a real difference. Recognising that her town lacked accommodation for volunteers, she started her own business, Yellow Doors Hostel - now one of the most successful accommodation providers in her region – before deciding to learn more about the tourism industry through postgraduate study at Monash Arts.

Lucia’s new NYC connections helped guide her next steps for Yellow Door Hostel, giving her valuable insight into her future career. ‘Meeting these people reconfirmed the direction that my industry is headed, gave me different perspectives on where I could take my career, and also gave me ideas on some areas where I could upskill,’ said Lucia. ‘The level of access they provided us was incredible. We were given opportunities that we never would have had outside of the program.’

For Hannah, a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in journalism, the Global Discovery Program represented a chance to see just how far her ambition could take her. A regular on Monash Arts’ student-run news show The Struggle, Hannah is enthusiastic about telling the news in an entertaining, engaging and insightful way, citing Mick Molloy, Jane Kennedy and John Oliver as influences.

Speaking of John Oliver, the Global Discovery Program gave her the opportunity to interact with key players from both print and TV. ‘I got very lucky,’ Hannah said. ‘On the first night – we hadn’t even been in New York for two hours – the leader of the program came up to me and said ‘I have a journalist from the New York Post, also a Monash alumni, that I’d love you to meet’. I ended up meeting her, along with the Executive Producer of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and another journalist who’s working for CBS. She gave me a personal tour of CBS Studios where I got to meet a bunch of reporters.

‘It was incredibly exciting and inspiring to talk about how they’d gotten to where they are, and to walk away feeling like I was on the right track.’

The diversity of backgrounds and the openness and friendly enthusiasm of everyone they met was the highlight of the trip for both Lucia and Hannah. ‘The trip made me realise that through our Monash education we’re a part of a massive network in New York and around the world,’ said Lucia. ‘We really can take our careers anywhere.’

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